Awesome DIY Crafts For Your Little Princess

From dress up to bedroom decor, just think of how much fun you and your daughter could have this summer completing any one of these royal projects.

1. Soap bottle bath tub

Meaningful Mama

2. Barbie house wall art

 Craftiness is Not Optional

3. Miniature vintage Pyrex dishes and shelf

 Vavoom Vintage.

4. Sponge and popsicle stick bed

Meaningful Mama!

5. Fabric covered sponge couch with bead filled throw pillows


6. Dollhouse pendant light

Making Nice in The Midwest

7. Bed with head board and mattress

Kruse’s Workshop

8. Popsicle stick and bead wardrobe

Meaningful Mama

9. Kitchen chairs with cushions


10. Barbie bunk beds with a trundle bed


11. Fuzzy DIY lounge chair

 A Girl and A Glue Gun

12. Modern Barbie kitchen furniture


13. Popsicle stick Barbie patio furniture

4K Epics

14. Wooden Barbie fireplace and mantle

De Avita

15. Doll sized home entertainment centre

Saree Wearing Mama

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