Awesome DIY Fire Pit Ideas

As the nights get colder we tend to bunk down and light the fire indoors and relax on the couch. However these DIY fire pit ideas can help you get outside whilst staying warm and toasty. We have a list of DIYs that vary in difficulty, materials used and available space.

Not only will you have a great excuse to eat more s’mores, it also means you will save lots of money too compared to expensive store bought ones.

Take a look at the full DIY fire pit tutorials by clicking the links…

How To Make A Simple & Cheap Fire Pit Surround – This really great tutorial will teach you how to build your own fire pit surround.

How To Make A Fire Pit Using An Old Washing Machine – If you don’t have an old washing machine lying around, you could head down to the local scrap yard.

How To Make Your Own Concrete Fire Pit Bowl – This would make a great garden feature to sit around on those chilly evenings.

How To Make A Camping Fire Pit – This temporary fire pit could be installed anywhere, simple pack it up after and take along to the next trip.

How To Make An Elegant Fire Pit – This fire pit stands out from the other fire pit tutorials as being something a little bit different.

How To Make A $50 Fire Pit Using Concrete Tree Rings – This fire pit is not only dead cheap to achieve but looks stylish and would make any back yard look fantastic.

How To Make A Personal Fire Pit For $25 – By using some small rocks, cheap glass frames and a few other materials, you can create this fantastic personal fireplace.

How To Make A Fire Pit With Curved Wall Seat – This slightly more adventurous DIY is for those who fancy a challenge, the detailed tutorial will definitely help you along.

How To Make A Gas Fire Pit With Glass Beads – This fire pit would look great at night time and the glass beads make it a day time feature too.

How To Build A $20 Fire Pit – This tutorial uses materials that you might have lying around making it a super cheap alternative to store bought fire pits.

How To Build  A Fire Pit Out Of Junk – This tutorial also uses an old washing machine drum and some pipe.

How To Make A Lava Fire Pit – This great idea leaves you with a stylish and contemporary fire pit.

How To Make A Whisky Barrel Fire Pit – A great detailed tutorial using an old Whiskey Barrel to make a fire pit fit for a backyard party.

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