Awesome DIY Jewelry Tutorials

A collection of DIY Jewelry tutorials that include pictured instructions on how to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, fabric flowers, and even jewelry holders.

1 Wire Bracelet

Wire Bracelet (via Ohoh Blog)

2 Paper Rings


Paper Rings (via Mark Montano)

3 Bobby Pins Necklace


Bobby Pins Necklace (via Nancy Soriano)

4 Fabric Bracelets


Fabric Bracelets (via Mark Montano)

5 Pearl Bead Square Knot Necklace


Pearl Bead Square Knot Necklace: Easy beading tutorial for a pretty multi-strand pearl bead necklace with a square knot at the center. (via Create / Enjoy)

6 Scarf Chain Wrap Bracelet


Scarf Chain Wrap Bracelet (via TiB)

7 Egg Shell Pendant


Egg Shell Pendant (via BeyondBracelets)

8 Leather Wrapped Brass Jewelry


Leather Wrapped Brass Jewelry: An internet browsing black hole led me to the Crescioni – a beautiful collection of leather wrapped brass jewelry inspired by the spirit of the American west. I love the mix of natural fibers with metal, and I’ve done various jewelry and leather projects so this collection inspired me to combine the two. With the help of my dad and his myriad of tools, we made these pieces over this weekend. I wore them on the plane back to San Francisco and I’m even wearing them now while I type this post. Needless to say, I love the results and hope you dig them too! (via asergeeva)

9 Swarovski Crystal Friendship Bracelet


Swarovski Crystal Friendship Bracelet (via So, I make stuff)

10 Love Necklace


Love Necklace: DIY love necklace (via see kate sew)

11 Multiplicity Necklace


Multiplicity Necklace (via Kollabora)

11 Multiplicity Necklace

12 Watercolor Paper Earrings


Watercolor Paper Earrings (via realisticart)

13 Braided Fabric Bracelet


Braided Fabric Bracelet (via Lula Louise)

14 Perler Bead Rings


Perler Bead Rings: Find out how crazy-easy it is to make your own perler bead rings. (via Maker Mama)

15 Gem Pendant


Gem Pendant: Hello lovely readers! Today Id like to share the DIY tutorial for the Gem Pendant Necklace I designed for Wander & Hunt. It was inspired by an over-the-top, bejeweled and utterly gorgeous Dannijo pendant and so I couldn’t help myself but re-create all that glittery goodness. Here’s how: You Need: Gem Pendant Necklace Kit (via Chic Steals)

16 Choker Necklace


Choker Necklace (via ♥ DIY MODE)

17 Layered Earrings


Layered Earrings (via joy ever after)

18 Seafoam Necklace


Seafoam Necklace (via Vintage Romance Style)

19 Doily Cuff Bracelet


Doily Cuff Bracelet: Read the article ‘Doily Cuff Bracelet’ in the BurdaStyle blog ‘Daily Thread’. (via

20 Vintage Lace Bracelet


Vintage Lace Bracelet (via Kojo Designs)

21 Colorblock Bangle


Colorblock Bangle: So the other day I did this little DIY for The Sweetest Occasion, and I liked it so much I decided to make it wearable. And thus, the colorblock bangle… (via Lovely Indeed)

22 Lace Ring


Lace Ring (via Morning by Foley)

23 Flower Ring


Flower Ring: Okay I know I said the button hair bands were easy, but this one is even easier. I mean really easy. I love it though. This one is all about the button you use. Cute ones can be found so many places these days. I sometimes take buttons from Allies old clothes always READ MORE (via Flax and Twine)

24 Ribbon Wrapped Chain Bracelet


Ribbon Wrapped Chain Bracelet (via Why Buy it? DIY it.)

25 Rope and Chain Necklace


Rope and Chain Necklace (via Thanks, I Made It)

26 Geometric Earrings


Geometric Earrings: One of my other DIY loves is creating my own jewellery. I have been wanting to create some colorful geometric earrings for some time so I gathered my supplies and got to work, creating a colorful… (via When all you need is…)

27 Filigree Earrings


Filigree Earrings (via The Crafted Sparrow)

28 Gold Tassel Earrings


Gold Tassel Earrings (via Make It and Fake It)

29 Fringe Earrings


Fringe Earrings (via The Alison Show)

30 Eggshell Mosaic Bracelet


Eggshell Mosaic Bracelet (via Soul Creative/Creative Soul)

31 Wired Pearl Bracelet


Wired Pearl Bracelet (via TiB)

32 Marble Jewelry with Clay


Marble Jewelry with Clay (via Ohoh Blog)

33 Simple Leather Bracelets


Simple Leather Bracelets (via Curly Made)

34 Tassel Necklaces


Tassel Necklaces (via Lia Griffith)

35 Chip Bezel Pendant


Chip Bezel Pendant (via Kollabora)

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