Awesome DIY Salvaged Junk Projects

Here are 14 stylish ideas that make the most of recycling, while also going easy on the pocketbook.

1. Shipping pallet table

(Source: Instructables)

2. Garden hose chair

(Source: Pinterest)

3. Wooden spool side table

(Source: Pinterest)

4. Ladder potting station

(Source: Pinterest)

5. Wooden door coffee table

(Source: DIYSRC)

6. Barn door kitchen gate

(Source: The Lee Road Housewife)

7. Mod candlesticks

(Source: Pinterest)

8. Pop picture frames

(Source: Dishfunctional Designs)

9. Wallpaper bedside table

(Source: Reader’s Digest)

10. Old tire planter

(Source: Country Living)

11. Mason jar organizer

(Source: Nefotlak)

12. Pop bottle bracelet holders

(Source: Et Cetera e Casa)

13. Tire and rope ottoman

(Source: Handimania)

14. Light bulb planters

(Source: Shop Ruche)

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