Awesome DIY Sensory Activities and Toys to Stimulate Your Child’s Creative Senses

1 Epsom Salt Painting. Epsom Salt Painting: Art Activities: Epsom Salt Painting. We have been enjoying simple art activities in the past few days. We did a 1 minute puffy paint art activity, we painted with large vehicles, painted with an electronic toothbrush and many more. All of these art activities are very easy to set up and need only a few things. Continuing in the same line, we did a fun and easy art activity with salt- Epsom salt. (via Kids Play Box)


2 Goo Sensory Bags


Goo Sensory Bags (via Hello Bee)

3 Colored Pasta


Colored Pasta: Colored pasta play! A fun and simple sensory play activity for kids of all ages! (via Where Imagination Grows)

4 Tugging Box for Young Toddlers


Tugging Box for Young Toddlers: Make your own DIY tugging box for young toddlers. They will love tugging at the ribbons and watching them appear and disappear. Great fine motor activity. (via Laughing Kids Learn)

5 Fun with Kool Aid Ice


Fun with Kool Aid Ice (via Learn Play Imagine)

6 What’s in the Bag?


What’s in the Bag? (via Amy’s Cooking Adventures)

7 Rainbow Soap Foam Bubbles


Rainbow Soap Foam Bubbles (via Fun at Home with Kids)

8 Edible Finger Paint


Edible Finger Paint (via At the Butterfly Ball)

9 Glowing Oil and Ice Experiment


Glowing Oil and Ice Experiment (via Growing a Jeweled Rose)

10 Sound Walk


Sound Walk: Looking for more quality outdoor activities for your children? I am always on the lookout, and today I didn’t have to look very far for an idea (via Buggy and Buddy)

11 Wet and Dry Sensory Play


Wet and Dry Sensory Play: O is for Opposites: Learning about wet and dry through sensory play. (via Fantastic Fun and Learning)

12 Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Sensory Activity with Edible Dirt


Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Sensory Activity with Edible Dirt: Dinosaur Fossil Sensory Excavation activity for kids. (via Love, Play, Learn)

13 Princess Snot


Princess Snot: Today we share something that is so icky gooey and sticky that it is supremely fun for your mess loving kids. These sensory activities for kids does so much for your child- a quick personal observation, language explosion during sensory play, curiosity piques and many interesting questions come about. (via Kids Play Box)

14 Wall Mosaic Art


Wall Mosaic Art: Use contact paper and pattern blocks or other items to create sensory wall art for children – a great virtually no-mess tactile experience for preschoolers. (via Mama Smiles)

15 Scent Cards


Scent Cards (via A Little Learning for Two)

16 Candy Cane Cloud Dough


Candy Cane Cloud Dough (via Growing a Jeweled Rose)

17 Jello Colors


Jello Colors (via Adventures in Tutoring and Special Education)

18 Pom Pom Ice Cream Shop


Pom Pom Ice Cream Shop: What do you prefer? Doing chores around the house, working at an office all day or playing with your kids? I’d almost always choose “playing with my kids” and I(…) (via Kids Play Box)

19 Sensory Balloons


Sensory Balloons: We are exploring the five senses, body parts, and how to keep our bodies healthy! This week we will start talking about “touch” and “smell.”A simple activity to explore “touch” is Sensory Balloons!! I gathered some balloons and used a household item to (via iYoodle)

20 Frozen Water Beads in Water Balloons


Frozen Water Beads in Water Balloons (via Learn Play Imagine)

21 Homemade Flubber for Kids


Homemade Flubber for Kids: Try out this super easy homemade flubber recipe. It only takes five minutes to prepare but will delight your kids for hours. (via Live Craft Eat)

22 Make a Cloud Dough


Make a Cloud Dough: Learn how to make a colorful cloud dough recipe that is taste safe to enjoy with your toddler. With only 3 ingredients our cloud dough recipe is just what you are looking for! Great for sensory play! (via Powerful Mothering)

23 Edible Slime Recipe


Edible Slime Recipe: Sensory Activities for Kids : 1 ingredient edible slime recipe This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to shop through these links, you have our than(…) (via Kids Play Box)

24 Sensory Board for Babies


Sensory Board for Babies: Here are instructions on how to make a DIY sensory board for babies. Simple to make and great way to have them explore textures and sounds. (via Laughing Kids Learn)

25 Baby Safe Cloud Dough


Baby Safe Cloud Dough: Are you looking for a baby safe cloud dough? Try this easy 2 ingredient recipe that is fast, easy and fun. As an added bonus it is organic and gluten-free. (via Lemon Lime Adventures)

26 Peek-a-Boo Sensory Board


Peek-a-Boo Sensory Board (via Motherhood And Other Adventures)

27 Zipper Board


Zipper Board: Here is a handmade DIY zipper board for kids, which is great for developing fine motor skills, independence and sensory awareness. Suitable for ages 1 to 5. (via Laughing Kids Learn)

28 Rainbow Sensory Play


Rainbow Sensory Play (via Growing a Jeweled Rose)

29 Cardboard Sensory Boxes


Sensory Bin: I have been very anxious to get to making sensory bins with the babe. I know hes not quite old enough for the elaborate sensory bins I am envisioning but I am trying my hardest to find ways to be creative within the limits of babyhood. You see, Mr. Cis starting to get bored with (via Plain Vanilla Mom)

30 Sensory Bin


Rainbow Bottles Music Shakers: Make bright and colorful Rainbow Sensory Play Bottles. An adaptable sensory play activity and musical instrument for kids too. Great fun for all ages. (via Kids Craft Room)

31 Rainbow Bottles Music Shakers


Silky Soft Goop: Sensory Activities for Kids : Silky Soft Goop Recipe2 ingredient silky smooth goop recipe!This post may contain affiliate links. If you choos(…) (via Kids Play Box)

32 Silky Soft Goop


Rainbow Scavenger Hunt (via Fun at Home with Kids)

33 Rainbow Scavenger Hunt


  Rainbow Scavenger Hunt (via Fun at Home with Kids)

34 Outdoor Sensory Play


Outdoor Sensory Play: Sensory play is so important for little bodies, no age is too little. Incorporating sensory play for your baby can fit into your everyday life.It doesn’t have to be complicated, all you have to do is walk outside. It can be anything from grass and dirt to sand and water. Babies learn through feeling the…Read More (via The Realistic Mama)

35 Rings in Water


Rings in Water: Last week was very hot, and we had the sprinkler and baby pool out all day, every day, though, we really only ventured out in the mornings. I wanted to have a few extra fun activities for John and May. I gave May a bowl of water and added assorted rings to it, along with…Read More (via Wildflower Ramblings)

36 Car Dashboard


Car Dashboard: Upcycled DIY car dashboard sensory board for kids (via And Next Comes L)

37 Giant Felt Shape Pictures


Giant Felt Shape Pictures: I found a huge, felt-backed board that was part of a Bible visual aid set and got it out for the girls to make some shape pictures and patterns on. I cut out some simple shapes of varying sizes from felt sheets (I got a pack of 100 from eBay for about 8 a little…Read More (via The Imagination Tree)

38 Bubble Pool


Bubble Pool: Poor little C was down and out last week with a nasty cold. There were a couple of days where he just couldn’t stand himself. So.what do you do with a sick (almost) 9 month old on a hot day? Fill up the baby pool with bubbles of course! For a few minutes the little (via Plain Vanilla Mom)

39 Sensory Play Spaces


Sensory Play Spaces: Oh, the thrill of the new!Have you noticed your baby loves to play with things that are new to them? Often its not a toy they want to get their hands on, but some object they haven’t seen before your car keys, your phone, the teaspoon in your coffee cup. (via

40 Tearing Paper


Tearing Paper (via Chasing Cheerios)

41 Baby Sensory Crawl Obstacle Course


Baby Sensory Crawl Obstacle Course (via Playing and Learning Begins at Home)

42 Fun with Yogurt Paint


Fun with Yogurt Paint: Yogurt Paint with Kids (via The Chirping Moms)

43 Rainbow Oobleck


Rainbow Oobleck: Sensory Activities for Kids: Rainbow oobleck Welcome to this week’s quick play idea. If you have made oobleck before then you know how much fun it is for the (…) (via Kids Play Box)

44 Fizzy Cloud Dough Experiment


Fizzy Cloud Dough Experiment: This multi-leveled sensory explore become science experiment is a great entertainer as well as playful learning experience! Take a look at our Fizzy Cloud Dough Experiment (Taste Safe) (via Powerful Mothering)

45 Lemon Suds Eruptions


Lemon Suds Eruptions: Science experiments for kids using household ingredients. One of the best ways to inculcate a love for science in kids is by doing hands on activities- in this case we are doing a fun hands on science experiment that has so many aspects built into it that this turned into one of the most enriching and stimulating activities we have ever done. (via Kids Play Box)

46 Rainbow Ice Sensory Play


Rainbow Ice Sensory Play (via Learn Play Imagine)

47 Sensory Texture Crayon Rubbings


Sensory Texture Crayon Rubbings: Use this Sensory Texture Crayon Rubbings project to introduce your preschoolers to different textures around your house and yard. (via Mom Trusted)

48 Popping Rice Sensory Play


Popping Rice Sensory Play (via Growing a Jeweled Rose)

49 Edible Water Beads


Edible Water Beads: Sensory Activities : Edible Water Beads Water beads or aqua beads are such a fun sensory material. Sensory play activities with water beads as base are sure to (…) (via Kids Play Box)

50 Travel Boxes

Travel Boxes: I don’t know about you, but now that we’ve got a little one again, whenever I leave the house my purse looks like this! Even if its just a quick trip to the post office. Ugh I load it up every time I leave the house only to have half of the contents remain in the (via Plain Vanilla Mom)

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