Awesome DIY Shorts Designs for Spring and Summer

Check out these awesome tutorials that will show you how to make your very own summer shorts!

1. Delightful daisy shorts

Hello Gwen 

2. Jean short cut offs

Cella Jane 

3. Sparkly sequinned shorts

A Pair and A Spare 

4. Braided yarn shorts

Look What I Made! 

5. Stenciled leopard print shorts

Because I’m Addicted. 

6. Super lace trimmed shorts

PS I Made This 

7. Delicate lace trimmed silk shorts

Project Twenty Two 

8. Scalloped edge shorts

Candi mandi

9. Scrap fabric shorts from scratch

Maycie After 5 

10. Pajama shorts from old sheets

Pretty Prudent

11. High waisted shorts from a silk scarf

Syl and Sam 

12. Coloured ombre shorts

Dastrict 5’s 

13. Pretty lace doily shorts

A Beautiful Mess 

14. Trendy tie dye shorts

The Signature Bow‘s

15. Hand painted black and white stripe shorts

A Beautiful Mess 

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