Awesome DIY Snowflakes

Some of the templates are very simple and great for kids, while others will take more precision and time but you’ll be amazed at the final snowflake.

3D Paper Snowflake 


 Hot Glue Glittered Snowflake

 Stephanie Lynn,

Popsicle Stick Golden Snowflake 

Making Home Base

4. Toilet Paper Roll Snowflake 


5. Glue Gun Snowflake 

We Lived Happily Ever After

6. Medallion Snowflakes

One Dog Woof‘s

7. Clothespin Snowflake 

Sweet Pea.

8. Colorful Window Snowflakes 

One Little Project!

9. Repurposed Newspaper Snowflake 

Handmade Charlotte

10. Wine Cork Snowflake 

Sweet Pea

11. Crystal Snowflake 

Sweet and Simple Things.

12. Twig Snowflake 

Yellow Bliss Road

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