Awesome DIY VIntage Inspired Home Decor Ideas

We have tons of ideas to share with you, all unique and creative and totally vintage looking. You can use both old and new stuff to create rustic decorations from boot racks, wooden spools, candles to plate walls and bulletin boards. These projects are exciting, rewarding and easy to do. Take a look…

Vintage Door Plate Wall


Turn an empty corner of a room into a beautiful vintage door plate wall. The idea is to hang some nice vintage looking plates on an old door. Choose interesting plates with different motives and colors to create a bright little spot in your dining or living room.

DIY Vintage Crate Boot Rack


This boot rack made out of crates is not only cute but also functional. To create it you will need crates, metal brackets, large metal brackets, casters, drill and small screws. You can use as many crates you like to create as many racks you need. The result is a vintage, rustic looking boot rack that will store all the muddy boots on a raining day.

Aged Wood Tutorial


If you want to bring some vintage style in your home then aged wood look is a great start. Paint a vintage looking stool as described in this tutorial and it will turn into a rustic piece of furniture. This is an easy project and you can even involve your kids to help.

DIY Vintage Wooden Spools


Learn how to make vintage wooden spools for under $10. You will need 3 foot dowel rod, saw, wood glue, wood stain, drill and 3/8 inch drill bit, circle stamps. To finish off the look, use some stamps from the craft closet, a marker, and various bits of twine, rope, and ribbon.

Crib Mattress Bulletin Board Podgeable Clips


Turn an old crib mattress into a beautiful vintage decoration by making it a bulletin board with vintage podgeable clips that you will make on your own. Using acrylic shapes, create different forms of clips which you will later personalize. You will love the final look of the board.

DIY Vintage Teacup Candles


You will love this project because it is super easy, super cute and super vintage. All you’ll need are some vintage teacups, candle wax flakes, skewer sticks, scotch tape and scissors, a stove, a double boiler and bowl, oven mitts and a hot plate. Follow the step-by-step tutorial to make the candles then decorate your room with them for a lovely vintage look.

Decorating with Vintage Books


Add charm and character to a room by decorating it with old vintage books. You can even update a piece of furniture with old book pages like shown in the tutorial. Place your updated table on a desired spot and decorate with vintage items like an old clock, candles, photo frames etc.

Antique Style Wooden Crate Wall Organizer from Pallet Wood


This wall organizer has a really nostalgic, old time look to it and will be a welcomed addition to your home. You can make it out of pallet boards and hang it in the kitchen. Don’t forget to decorate with antique labels, and attac two old coat hooks on the sides so you can hang towels or utensils.

Vintage Drawer Decor


Here’s how to turn a simple cardboard box into decorative vintage prop loveliness. For the project you will need diy drawer display, decorative knobs and pulls, decorative traditional vintage pattern paper, glue, scissors and awl tool, peonies and floral water picks and a pearl garland. You will be stunned by the beauty of this vintage drawer.

DIY Vintage Crates


If you want a unique, vintage look create some rustic looking storage boxes on your own. To learn how, just follow the tutorial we are sharing and don’t worry – they don’t need to be prefect. The crates should look vintage after all which means they shouldn’t be perfectly squared or lined up.

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