Awesome Gifts For Kids

1 Simple Painting of Their Childhood Home. All you need is to make a regular picture look like a watercolor painting, you can use different apps or photo softwares to obtain this result. A simple yet terrific gift for a new home or for that moment when your kid leaves for college. Learn more here.


2 A Simple Box To Save Tickets and Special Paper Items

Nestle moments spent together in a different manner. More here.
3 Hand Written Book With The Family Recipes


Flickr: airship / Via Creative Commons

4 Sound Wave Necklace Immortalizing ” I love you”


5 Places You’ll Go Singed by His Teacher Every Year

It takes time and dedication but it might be the perfect graduations present. Get tips for making one here.
6 “First” Experiences


Flickr: wallyg / Via Creative Commons
First theater production, first concert or first camping trip are unforgettable memorable items worth experiencing together.
7 If Possible, Colorful and Joyful Family Tree Chalkboard

A vintage or retro look obtained with ease on an item filled with substance.  Find the DIY here.
8 Recordings of His First Words


Flickr: soulo / Via Creative Commons
Record performances, screams, laughs and storytelling, these sounds will beautify the lives of all listening later on.
9 Colorful “Open When” Letters

Wonderful gift for summer camps. Find the free template here.
10 Favorite Books in Different Editions


Flickr: jimmiehomeschoolmom / Via Creative Commons
Handwritten messages should always be present inside.
11 Framed Family Letters

Extraordinary letters between family members must exist. Teach your child to send a letter to his grandparents on Christmas and teach him how much more meaningful is this gesture when compared to email. Frame such a memory and create an unique piece of art.
12 Simply Brilliant Home State Wall Art for Travellers

Simple map and simple frame. All you need. Find more here.
13 Handwriting Engraved Messages Into Pendants

Simple and filled with substance.
14 Favorite Childhood Toy Kits in Shadow Boxes


15 Items With Substance Framed Near Extraordinary Photographies


16 Personalized Guitar Picks

For musical driven individuals this is magical.
17 Family History Scrapbooks

Make sure that connections between family members are warm and happy connections. Learn more here.
18 Brilliant Sand Footprints Framed

A highly memorable and unique gift that you will not see everywhere. Find the tutorial here.
19 Favorite Teddy Framed Into Sculptural Wall Art

Probably one of the most spectacular pieces of wall art known to mankind .
20 Trees Planted With Each Family Member


Flickr: shareski / Via Creative Commons
Create a better world and start nurturing human beings around you through simple gestures. Plant a tree with each of your friends, each of your loved ones and create a forest filled with coziness and love.
21 Simple Collection of Family Yearbooks

Shelter every memory on a piece of paper to beat the test of time.
22 Wall Art With Favorite Phrases

The sweet phrase that you both love should be present in the room even when not spoken. Create personal wall art.
23 Join a Workshop Together


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Regardless of their interests you should join to support them through different methods. Joining various workshops and classes with them while they’re little can help a great deal.
24 Make a Charm Bracelet


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Charms of favorite expeditions can be worn to evoke happiness and love.
25 Donate In Their Name for a Noble Cause

Teach your little love one what the human being stands for in this world. Teach them how important are the ones around us, the ones that are shaping our reality with good and bad with cold and warmth into the perfect equilibrium.

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