Awesome IKEA Lighting Hacks

1. Accordion Lamp Hack. Transform an IKEA Frack accordion mirror into a beautiful gilded wall lamp. Just grab a light fixture and some spray paint and you’ll be well on your way to a fun new wall sconce. Head over to François et Moi to find out exactly how to do it yourself.


2. Pendent Light Hack


This hanging light fixture is reminiscent of the iconic Hicks pendent light, and it’s made using some IKEA parts, or course! Make your way over to The Gathered Home to find out exactly how to recreate your own version of this lovely art deco style light.

3. Hanging Light Chandelier


Here we have a pretty light fixture that has a bit of a trendy feel, with exposed cords and lights that hang at different heights. Head over to One O to check out more photos and to find out how to make your own hanging light chandelier for your home.

4. Cage Light IKEA Hack


This industrial chic lamp has a fun geometric aesthetic, with the black wire frame and unfinished wood bracket. And it’s really quite simple to recreate! Head over to Nalle’s House to find out how to make your own cage light sconce.

5. DIY Tripod Lamp


This oh-so-trendy tripod lamp is, you guessed it, another genius IKEA hack! For this one, you’ll need a lamp shade from IKEA, along with some wooden dowels and a few other materials. Head over to Kristi Murphy’s blog to find out how to make your own.

6. Industrial Sconce Hack


This one is really quite inventive… an IKEA kitchen utensil holder is transformed into a gorgeous, industrial style wall sconce using some black spray paint, a drill and a few other tools. Make your way over to Love Create Celebrate to find out how to do it.

7. Vintage Style Hanging Pendant


This bright, cheerful hanging pendant is another super easy IKEA hack, involving mostly paint and a few other basic items. Make your way over to Andrea’s Notebook to find out exactly how to recreate this stunning turquoise hanging pendant for your own home.

8. Driftwood Lamp


This smart soul transformed an IKEA Hemma lamp base into a gorgeous driftwood table lamp. This would be perfect for a vacation home or a house by the sea… just grab the prettiest driftwood you can find and get to work with your glue gun! Learn more here.

9. Midcentury Modern Pendant Lamp


Here, a platter from IKEA was transformed into a lovely hanging pendant light with a bit of a midcentury modern feel. Make your way over to A Beautiful Mess to find out how to recreate your own hanging pendant like this one for your home.

10. Paper Flower IKEA Light Hack


This hack is very unique, with a light almost ethereal vibe to it. Make your own by getting the Regolith from IKEA, and then creating a handful of flowers out of paper. Head over to AngiCafe to find out exactly how to make your own pretty pendant.

11. Gold Geometric Lamp


Here, an inexpensive glass table lamp was turned into a pretty geometric lamp without more than a can of spray paint and some painters tape. Make your way over to Sewing In No Man’s Land to find out all the details about this lovely IKEA hack.

12. Industrial Style Task Lamp


This incredible task lamp would be perfect for a desk or workspace, and it’s actually not as difficult as it appears to make one of your own. You’ll need some simple materials from the home improvement store to get started. Get the full tutorial at IKEA Hackers.

13. Sputnik Light Hack


The Sputnik light is an iconic chandelier from the midcentury modern era, and there are tons of variations still being sold today. This hack uses the IKEA Maskros to create a Sputnik style fixture, using some paint and a bunch of acrylic dessert cups. Learn more here.

14. Woven Chandelier Hack


This unique chandelier is actually made using an IKEA lampshade and a roll of flat reeds that are used for basketmaking. Head on over to Style Me Pretty to find out how to recreate this very chic woven pendant light for your own house.

15. Plant Pot Lamp Shades


This unique light fixture has a set of plant pots instead of shades, believe it or not! The IKEA Skurar pots cover the bulb itself, but let the light shine through the lace patterned bottom section. Go check out IKEA Hackers to find out how to do this one yourself.

16. Bubble Chandelier Hack


This beautiful bubble chandelier is actually made using a Jara lampshade from IKEA, along with a handful of clear globes that are suspended from the inside. Gorgeous, right?! Make your way over to IKEA Hackers to find out exactly how it was done.

17. Knotted Pendant Hack


This lovely pendant is created using the IKEA Foto hanging pendant light, and jute twine is knotted to create a unique way of hanging the light from the ceiling. Check out the full tutorial over at Design Sponge, along with lots of helpful photos.

18. Gold Maskros Hack


The IKEA Maskros chandelier is a very unique shape, and only comes in a bright white color. So for those who may not want white, spray painting is an option! Make your way over to Apartment Therapy to find out how to recreate this gold look yourself.

19. Ribbon Trimmed Alang Lamp


This IKEA Alang lamp was somewhat blah before, but once Lauren got her hands on it, it become a much more fun looking piece. Just grab some wide ribbon and a few other materials to get started. Check out the tutorial over at L’Amour Chez Nous.

20. West Elm Inspired Floor Lamp


This lovely industrial style floor lamp started as a humble Arod lamp from IKEA, but with two simple changes – a new color using spray paint, and sisal rope wrapped around the neck of the lamp. Head over to Refreshed Designs to find out how to do it.

21. Geometric IKEA Wall Sconce


The IKEA Ranarp wall spotlights are already pretty cool, but the addition of a pretty piece of wood to mount them takes them to a whole new level. Make your way over to Lovely Indeed to find out how to recreate this look in your own home.

22. Fabric Covered Holmo


The IKEA Holmo floor lamp is a steal at only $8.99 USD, but it only comes in white. So why not dress it up a bit? This tutorial explains how you can cover the lamp shade with a pretty new fabric of your choice. Head over to IKEA Hackers to find out how to do it.

23. Basket Task Lamp


Here we have an adorable little task lamp hack which is easily created out of an IKEA Jansjo lamp and a small woven basket in place of a shade. Make your way over to The Kim Six Fix to find out exactly how to recreate this look for your own desk.

24. Cityscape Lamp


This cityscape lamp is very unique, with its bulbous shape and hand drawn shapes. All you’ll need for this one is a Fado table lamp and a black paint pen. Make your way over to to find out how to make your own illustrated lamp.

25. IKEA Frack Sconce


And last but certainly not least, we have a gorgeous wall sconce made using a silver IKEA Frack wall mirror (with the mirror removed), a colorful cord and a chrome dipped bulb. Make your way over to PopSugar to find out how to make your own.

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