Awesome Knitted Summer Shawl Ideas

The hardest part might just be deciding which one to knit up first. So take a look and find a wonderful new scarf pattern to cast on. Your perfect scarf project awaits you!

1. Filomena Lace shawl

Rita Taylor 

2. Fancy Summer Shawl

Julie Ferguson! 

3. Pebble Beach shawl

Helen Stewart 

4. Strawberry Sunrise shawlette

Purl Avenue.

5. Hitchhiker shawl

Martina Behm 

6. Reyna shawl

Noora Laivola 

7. That Sunset Was Bananas lace shawl

Darn Good Yarn 

8. Summer Flies shawl

Donna Griffin. 

9. Nurmilintu shawl

Heidi Alander 

10. Wales Wedge shawlette

Lorna Miser‘s

11. Blackberries in a Raspberry Patch shawl

Brown House of Maple 

12. A Dotted Summer shawl

Gitte Kold 

13. Shetland Glory shawlette

Roving Crafters.

14. End of Summer shawl

Maria Rosa Spighetti

15. Sweet and Simple knit shawl

Tricote Pas Tous!

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