Awesome Teepee DIY Projects

Spend a little time with your children and have fun with these kid of projects? They work for indoors and the outdoors so you have a variety of teepees. You will find different types in this blog that will work perfectly for you.

1 Fabric Teepee

Fabric Teepee (via Sawdust Girl)

2 Easily Create a Teepee


Easily Create a Teepee (via Vintage Junky)

3 Collapsible No Sew Teepee


Collapsible No Sew Teepee: DIY Collapsible Glue Gun Teepee. See step-by-step instructions on how to make this durable, collapsible no sew teepee. Your kids will love this teepee! (via Mommy is Coo Coo)

4 Easy No Sew Teepee


Easy No Sew Teepee (via Fawn Over Baby)

5 Wooden Poles Teepee


Wooden Poles Teepee (via She’s So Fluffy)

6 Easy PVC Teepee


6. Easy PVC Teepee (via Do It Yourself Divas)

7 A No Sew Teepee


A No Sew Teepee: a little project to do for your children, and get rid of some of that fabric you’ve been hoarding in the process. (via The Handmade Home)

8 PVC Pipes Teepee


PVC Pipes Teepee: What better way to spark a child’s imagination than with a DIY no-sew teepee! Haley from Grey House Harbor shares the simple steps to make your own. (via Project Nursery)

9 Teepee for my Sweetpea


Teepee for my Sweetpea (via Paper Bluejay)

10 Collapsible PVC Teepee


Collapsible PVC Teepee (via Lindsay & Drew)

11 Dreamy Teepee


Dreamy Teepee (via Sewing In No Mans Land)

12 Teepee 2 Bed Set


Teepee 2 Bed Set (via Mrs Hardy)

13 TeePee for the BeeCee


TeePee for the BeeCee (via Our Love and Our Blessing)

14 Tee Pee Tent


Tee Pee Tent: My sister asked me to help her make a Tee Pee for my niece Eva. It was fun to make and took us a couple of leisurely afternoons. This Tee Pee is a fun weekend project that can be used either indoor… (via My Poppet Makes)

15 Backyard Teepee


Backyard Teepee (via Etsy)

16 LoLo’s Teepee


LoLo’s Teepee (via LoLovie)

17 Fun Teepee


Fun Teepee (via Max & Me)

18 Bamboo Sticks Teepee


Bamboo Sticks Teepee: TeePee Tutorial by Erin Noie Photography What you need:5 poles – I used Bamboo sticks from Target. They come in packs of 3 and are clearanced right now (via Confessions of a Prop Junkie)

19 Old Drop Cloth Teepee


Old Drop Cloth Teepee: Its time to stop pinning (well, just press pause momentarily because lets be honest. my brain is pinning Jeremy’s hotness at all times). and its time to start doing. Thats what the Pinterest Challenge is all about In the past, I tackled a decor project (the herringbone shim… (via bowerpower)

20 Bed Sheets Teepee


Bed Sheets Teepee (via Gold Feathers)

21 Kid Painted Teepee


Kid Painted Teepee (via Rachael Rabbit)

22 Rowan’s Teepee


Rowan’s Teepee (via Jen Loves Kev)

23 Sew Fun Teepee


Sew Fun Teepee (via Strawberry Swing and Things)

24 Adorable Kid’s Teepee


Adorable Kid’s Teepee: Learn how to make this adorable kid’s teepee tent! Free pattern, instructions, and tips on how to create the ultimate kid hideout! (via And Then We Saved)

25 Playroom Teepee


Playroom Teepee: Play teepees aren’t the new kid on the block anymore but that doesn’t make them any less exciting! I made my first version for Sebastian when he was two by constructing a simple frame and throwing a quilt around it. Soon after I made a more complicated cover and gifted it to Elsie and Jeremy for Christmas. Recently Elsie asked if I could make another for their new home out… (via A Beautiful Mess)

26 Ikea Fabric Teepee Tent


Ikea Fabric Teepee Tent: I made this teepee for Ada when she was little, (although I think technically Santa gets the credit). She and Josie have been using it to play at camping in their room together lately. Our teepee is based loosely off of this pattern by Sew Mama Sew. Ikea has lots of inexpensive upholstery fabric in (via Domesticspace)

27 Backyard Teepee


Backyard Teepee: A perfect summer DIY family project to be made in an afternoon and enjoyed all summer. (via Ziggity Zoom)

28 The New Teepee


The New Teepee (via The Paper Mama)

29 5 Panels Teepee


5 Panels Teepee (via Nalle’s House)

30 Sew a DIY Teepee Play Tent


Sew a DIY Teepee Play Tent: My Little A loves to read already and she’s only just turned two years old! Her reading, mind you, is staring at picture books lovingly but I’m thrilled that (via The DIY Mommy)

31 Summer Reading Teepee


Summer Reading Teepee: we plan to spend plenty of time goofing around this Summer, I always try to emphasize reading and quiet time too.So I decided to make a Reading Tent. (via tatertots & jello)

32 Your Own Play Teepee


Your Own Play Teepee (via {The Mud Pie Makers})

33 PVC TeePee


PVC TeePee: A sewing machine is a power tool. It is probably not the first thing that a person thinks of when starting a conversation about power tools, but it is one nonetheless. Need proof? My mom sewed right through her finger once. THAT takes some power to accomplish. Nuff said. So sewing projects have a place (via Pink Toes and Power Tools)

34 The Teepee


The Teepee (via Smile and Wave)

35 Child’s Tent


Child’s Tent (via Sew Mama Sew)

36 Bean Teepee


Bean Teepee (via Intrepid Murmurings)

37 Easiest Play TeePee


Easiest Play TeePee (via That’s My Letter)

37. Easiest Play TeePee (via That’s My Letter)


Teepee for a Child (via A Cup of Jo)

39 Simple 5 Minute Backyard Teepee


Simple 5 Minute Backyard Teepee (via Mama.Papa.Bubba)

40 Teepee for Your Indian Brave

Teepee for Your Indian Brave (via Her Threaded Needle)

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