Awesome Things To Do In Your Garden


1. Rainbow Trampoline – This is a great idea to add color to your trampoline and increase safety. Turn your kids trampoline from being an eyesore into a garden feature. Using inexpensive pool noodles, this DIY is cheap and easy!


2. Glowing Orbs – Here is a fantastic way to add light to your garden at night, at a very cheap price with minimal effort required to make. Why not light up your garden path, or dot them around your back yard to create some incredible party lighting?


3. Hay Bale Swimming Pool – A swimming pool doesn’t have to cost a fortune to build and maintain, more and more people are creating their own eco-friendly versions for a fraction of the price all by themselves. This incredible DIY lets you create a cost-effective swimming pool, as big or as small as you want.


4. Birthday Party Pinatas – This is a great summer party game idea, it’s cheap, keeps you cool in the Summer heat and is suitable for all ages! Such a simple idea which would create hours of fun for all the family!


5. Zip Line – Turn your slackline and old bike handlebars into an extremely fun zip line for children to use in the garden. This zip line will be the envy of all your neighbors, it’s easy, cheap and will keep any kid occupied for hours on end!


6. Bouncing Bubbles –  If your stuck for some last minute games, then these unpopable bubbles will entertain kids of all ages! It really costs pennies and is so easy to do! The magic of bubbles is something every kid seems to enjoy, so why not make a batch of this today?


7. Crazy Golf Course – Here is an entertaining home-made crazy golf course, using ordinary household objects for the obstacles! You could have just as much fun putting this together as you will playing it! Vary the difficulty depending on the age of the kids playing it, and you will have virtually free crazy golf course in the comfort of your own home!


8. Angry Birds – Everybody loves to play Angry Birds on their tablets and mobile phones, this outdoor alternative is so much better for you and your family and is super fun to play! Why not increase the difficulty with each level just like the real game…


9. Rope Swing – Some of the best childhood memories involve a rope swing, so why not make one in your garden for your children to enjoy! It’s simple, cheap and can provide hours of fun!


10. Leak Proof Water Blob – This idea is perfect for making sure your little-ones keep cool during the summer heat! A huge water blob is a great alternative to a paddling pool and will last for days!


11. Log Lounger – This is a very stylish and unique log lounger anyone can make for the garden, using minimal resources and tools, this DIY is timeless! A great eco-friendly project that will have your neighbors queuing up to try!


12. Sunken Trampoline – A sunken trampoline is a great idea for many reasons, it’s nicer to look at than a regular one, safer to use, and is generally more fun than a regular one. This DIY takes you on a step by step journey on how to make this yourself!


13. Marble Fence – This smaller DIY is a very creative way to add colorful natural light into your garden, and is very cheap and easy to make. Not only do you benefit from these beautiful specks of color, but so will your neighbor too!


14. Build Yourself a Natural Swimming Pool – This is the ultimate in garden envy. A natural swimming pool is the perfect place to relax on a hot summers day and it is surprisingly easy to build!

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