Awesome Things To Do With Empty Tin Cans

Below we have gathered some of the very best ideas on how to turn tin cans into handy organizers, decorations and more!

1. Pop can earrings

The Beading Gem

2.  Pop can candle holder

 Aurelia’s Little Room

3. Sparkly pop can lanterns


4. Pop can keychain

 Diary of A Crafty Lady

5. Beautiful pop can fall leaf wreath

Saved by Love Creations

6. Festive pop can stars

Milo Made

7. Pop can butterfly wind chimes

Made by Marzipan

8. Tin can cookie cutters

DIY Home Sweet Home

9. Tin can pin cushion

Design Sponge.

10. Cute tin can crown

Robin Dudley Howes

11. Summertime tin can lanterns


12. Tin can craft caddy

Cynthia Shaffer

13. Outdoor drink holders

Positively Splendid

14.  Mini tin can grill

 Dian Thomas

15.  Outdoor tuna can lantern

In My Own Style

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