Awesome Wall Art Ideas That Will Look Great In Any Home

If you’ve got a drab and dreary wall that’s crying out for a splash of color then these stunning wall art ideas could be just the thing you need!

Simple, inexpensive and creative, each of the pieces will allow you to add a feature without having to redecorate the entire room. The best part is, you don’t even have to be that artistic to complete them!

With this inspirational idea, you can take your favorite snaps from Instagram and turn them into a feature wall. It’s the perfect way to display all of your memories and will create a talking point for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy.

Who said that wall art had to be expensive? A couple of dollar-store office supplies are all you need to complete these easy gold art projects and the beautiful results look far from cheap!

Even those of you who aren’t especially green fingered can still bring a little bit of nature inside your home with a living wall art installation. The plants are super simple to care for and require very little attention which means you can simply sit back and enjoy their beauty!

Homemade giant scrabble tiles are great for creating your own original pieces. You can make them personal to you by referencing the names of everyone in your family or meaningful words.

Costing just $3 to make, this heart wall lamp could be just the thing you need to brighten up a dreary room. A sheet of foam board and a string of lights are the two materials you need, then when you switch it on the warming glow is guaranteed to bring a satisfied smile to your face.

Do you have a collection of old t-shirts that you love but don’t wear anymore? Then give this DIY a go and turn them into a piece of hangable art! There’s absolutely no needlework involved so you don’t have to be a pro at sewing… anybody can try their hand at it!

For those of you that love to travel this gold leaf map tutorial will show you how to display your favorite areas of the world or the places that you aspire to visit next!

Perhaps you’ve not got an artistic bone in your body (It’s nothing to be ashamed of!) and you’re looking for ways to add a little flair to your home without having to pick up a paint brush! Then this crafty project is the answer because you can frame a scarf instead! It can either be one that you already own or you can hunt for one in your local thrift store…simply pick a pattern that you find appealing, pop it in a frame and throw it up on the wall!

Amy, over at, has come up with an easy, mess-free  way to create geometric art work using just ribbon and double-sided tape!

A unique wall art idea made from upcycled shoe boxes? It doesn’t get much easier than that!

The problem with buying home decor from well know stores like Pottery Barn and Anthropologie is that the majority of the pieces are all mass produced and somebody you know is likely to have bought the exact same thing! These quirky painted spoons will add a whole rainbow of color to your walls and we can promise that none of your friends will have anything like it!

Do you remember the old-school style photo booth pics where you got a strip of four different images? Well this is a fun project where you can re-create your own giant versions at home for a piece of wall art that you can love and cherish!

Not only is this tissue paper bubbles craft super fast but it will cost you almost no money and will look stunning.

If you’ve got a few old wine corks laying round then you’ve already got everything you need to make this surprisingly beautiful cork art. Plus, if you don’t have enough it will give you an excuse to crack open a bottle of wine!

When Mandy, over at, saw this diy honeycomb hexagon wall treatment she knew immediately that she wanted to try it. Don’t let the amazing appearance put you off, it’s not as difficult to achieve as it may look!

The beauty of this map artwork is that you can choose any location in the world that’s close to your heart and display it on a 3D letter motif. It could be your first initial or your whole name!

If you’re kids are growing up quicker than you’d like you can always capture their youth with a personalized family handprint plank. You can get everyone involved with the making process and the little ones will love getting their hands in the paint!

For those of you who have never come across it before, basic nail string art is an easy way to create custom art for your home with tools and materials that are available at just about any hardware store.

These rustic clipboards are completely original and offer a unique way to display your favorite photo’s, lyrics or phrases.

No newly decorated room is complete without a sunburst mirror  adorning the wall!

Have you got a plain and bring wall that’s crying out for some attention? Why not give this decorative plate wall a go for an eclectic statement that really stands out.

Forget origami! This cutting-edge folded book tutorial will make a fantastic triptych (set of three) piece in your living room or study – it’s litereary art at it’s best!

Perhaps you think that installing a new artwork into your home will be a lengthy process but we’re here to tell you that’s not the case! A spare five minutes will allow you to conjure up some burlap canvas wall art which everyone will admire!

Turn a favorite scripture, quote or saying into artwork that looks like an eye chart from the opticians. It would make a great housewarming gift if you could bring yourself to part with it!

Check out this idea to turn a plain old canvas into a work of graphic chevron art!

Be bold and transform a photo into a gorgeous multi-panel art display. It’s simple to do and April, over at, managed to complete hers for less than $10. It would almost be criminal not to give it a go!

Wall art doesn’t have to complicated – even the simplest of things can be special and that includes this happy dots piece!

If you want to know how to paint an image directly on to your wall then this is the tutorial you need. With the help of a series of detailed instructions and some step-by-step photographs it will show you how to build your own overhead projector to project images onto a vertical surface!

Do you need some simple wall art to brighten a dark corner of your house…this textured string piece is perfect!

Whether you want to use postcards from all the places you’ve visited or quirky retro postcards, this DIY can be adapted to suit everyone! It takes no effort to produce and will incorporate all of your interests for an inexpensive finished article that’s special to you!

An inspiration quote can take your day from good to great, so why not have one on constant display with this stunning decoupage piece.

For a new take on a traditional family tree, you could display a silhouette of each family member in an inexpensive store bought frame just like this tree art project over at

Take a trip to the hardware store and turn your own pearls of wisdom into word art from bending wire.

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