Awesome Ways To Use A Muffin Tin

Turn an ordinary dish into unique and delicious bite-sized treats with these easy recipes for muffin tin baked eggs, muffin tin quiche, muffin tin meatloaf, pies and more.

1. Hardware Storage

Health alike

2. Succulent Planter

Ann-Marie Loves!

3. Boiled Egg Holder

One Crazy House!

4. Dot Painting

Party Like It’s Your Birthday

5. Lasagna Cups

Food Network

6. Make Crayons


7. Condiments

The Gilley Group

8. Ice Cubes

Greens & Fries

9. Desk Organizer

Shabby Grace

10. Cookie Bowls


11. Advent Calendar


12. Oyster Holder

a la mode

13. Mini Deep Dish Pizzas


14. Votive Holder

SF Girl by the Bay

15. Snack Tray


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