Awesome Zombie Themed Crafts for Kids

Do you love zombie films and shows? We all know these characters can be ultra creepy and scary, but these craft ideas turn zombies into…

Yarn brains and bouncy eye paper plate zombie

Mess for Less

2. Zombie graveyard pudding cups

Comic Con Family

3. Clothespin zombie puppet

Easy Peasy and Fun

4. Zombie brain fluffy slime

Little Bins for Little Hands‘s

5. Zombie brains Jello

Lemon Lime Adventures!

6. Zombie mason jars

Mason Jar Crafts Love

7. Felt zombie voodoo doll

 Red Ted Art

8. Printable zombie bookmarks

Peasy and Fun

9. Paint and paper gravestone and zombie hand

Learn, Create, Love

10. Wooden peg zombies


11. Leak-proof zombie voodoo doll bag experiment

 Schooling A Monkey

12. Toilet roll zombie doll

 Crafts on Sea

13. Zombie Barbies

Crafts By Amanda

14. Knitted zombie doll

Craft Foxes

15. Zombie slime

Schooling A Monkey

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