Clever Hacks for Stained Clothes

From using white bread on lipstick marks to cat litter for red wine removal, these tips will come in very useful for an emergency cleaning.

1. Getting rid of sweat stains


2. Getting rid of oil stains

 One Good Thing by Jillee

3. Covering bleach stains

Sew Many Ways

4. Getting rid of deodorant marks

Home Stories A to Z

5. How to even out bleach stains that can’t be covered

Elana Rose

6. Getting rid of ink stains

Housewife How-To’s

7. Getting rid of grass stains

Tips Bulletin!

8. Getting rid of lots of stains using alcohol


9. Getting rid of blood stains

What’s Up Fagans

10. Getting rid of wine stains

Organization Junkies

11. Getting rid of makeup stains

Best of Tips!

12. How to remove gum from clothing

ASOS Official

13. How to get wax out of clothing

Mridul Kabiraz

14. Tie dye a stained shirt

Refashion Co-op

15. Getting rid of paint stains


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