Clever Jewelry Storage Ideas

Organize it properly so you know exactly what you have and display all the beautiful pieces you own. Get more out of your jewelry with these super easy DIY organizers.

Coat Hanger Organizer – Keep your jewelry tangle free and easy to get to with this super simple DIY that anyone can do.

Canvas Board Display – This is a great way to not only keep everything organized but show it off at the same time. Plus it only takes a couple of minutes to make.

Wire Frame – This easy and rustic DIY is a fun hipster design which will turn your jewelry into a work of art!

Driftwood Hanger – Upcycle a beautiful piece of driftwood into a stunning way to display you favorite pieces. It’ll stand out from the crowd and make a fun focal point too.

Accordion Hook Display – Easy, cheap and sturdy this is perfect for those with a lot of items they need to store and a small space to do it in.

Vintage Suitcase Organizer – With full instructions on how to turn an old case into a beautiful display or organizer you can keep your jewelry tangle free and neat even when you’re on the go.

Hardware Jewelry Organizer – Made using different handles, you can create a unique piece which will look fantastic in any room whilst also keeping your jewelry easy to get hold of.

Jewelry Tree – Using a few sticks you can craft your own tree to hold all of your jewelry in style.

Fancy Frame Organizer – This easy DIY is a wonderfully chic way to store your jewelry whilst making it stand out against a plain background.

Simple Jewelry Holder – This is one of the easiest DIY jewelry holders in the whole collection and will be made in just a couple of minutes but looks amazing.

Hanging Jewelry Rack – Keep your jewelry out of reach of little hands with this ingenious tutorial to turn something every kitchen has into a stylish holder.

Tiered Jewelry Tower – Not only does this looking fantastic when it’s finished but it’s also a great way to upcycle. Turn your bottles in to crafty Jewelry towers.

Hinged Jewelry Storage – With shelves, hooks and lines for everything, this is the ultimate in DIY jewelry storage. You’ll find plenty of space for everything you have with this fantastic tutorial.

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