Clever Organizing Ideas

From over cluttered bathrooms, to busy and messy kitchens and bedrooms we have some fantastic ideas and DIY’s you can achieve at home relatively cheaply and simply. You don’t have to be a genius to achieve these wonderful space saving ideas.

1. Towel Storage Made From Artistic Tin Cans – Towels are such a pain to store, but with this DIY they can become a cool feature and arty centre piece.

2. DIY Fold Down Desk – This is perfect if your children have limited space to play in. With a fold down chalk board come desk they play all they want and you can hide the mess afterwards easily and quickly.

3. How To Add Storage To Your Car – By using a shower organizer you can de-clutter and provide practical easy to reach storage to help on long journeys in the car. Why not pack it full of the kids favorite toys, snacks and emergency medical supplies!

4. How To Hide Your Clutter – This super cool idea allows you to store unsightly objects and mess in a secret box hidden behind spines of books – genius.

5. Above The Door Storage – No more wall space? Then this is the perfect DIY for you to maximise the space you have. Not only do they provide lots of useful space they look cute too!

6. Cosmetic Storage –  A really interesting way of storing your favorite make-up items using magnets giving you easy reach when looking in the mirror. It’s simple to achieve and can be a real style statement depending on the background design you chose.

7. Open Closet Solution – If you are stuck for closet space i.e. you simply don’t have any, then this is a solution for you, make a closet in any available space to hang your shirts and jackets to make sure they don’t crease.

8. Driftwood Hanger – Upcycle a beautiful piece of driftwood into a stunning way to display your favorite jewelry pieces. It’ll stand out from the crowd and make a fun focal point too.

9. How To Make A Floating Shoe Rack – Allow your shoes to simply float off the floor with this clever DIY rack. You can build it in the bottom of your closet and create some much-needed extra space!

10. Storage Solution For Hats – This creative  tutorial means you can keep your hats un-crushed,  on display and easily accessible. Perfect if you can’t stop buying hats!

11. DIY Bag Storage – Girls have almost as many bags as they do shoes! The question is, where do they all go when they’re not being used? Check out this DIY idea for a brilliant solution.

12. How To Make Flip Flop Hangers – It’s easy to accumulate tonnes of pairs of flip flops, but it’s not so easy to store them…until now!

13.Coat Hanger Organizer – Keep your jewelry tangle free and easy to get to with this super simple DIY that anyone can do. All you need is a coat hanger and few screws – simple!

14. Hidden Floor Storage Tutorial – Why not use space that is rarely used and often forgotten about – under your floor boards.

15. PVC Pipe Shoe Holder – If you have too many shoes, then this DIY will help you organize your shoe addiction in a cool and innovative way.

16. Hanging Mason Jars – If kitchen space is at a premium then why not make use of the space under the cupboards, hang mason jars and fill with dried pasta, rice or cereal?

17. Kitchen Peg Board For Pots & Pans – This is a cheap and practical way of storing your pots and pans in the kitchen, it saves time searching high and low in crowded cupboards, as they remain in sight all the time.

18. Magnetic Spice Rack  – If you are a competent chef and have lots of spices and herbs, then this simple DIY will make your life so organized and uncluttered.

19. Can Storage – This DIY is a clever way to store cans in limited space. It also offers you great access for when you don’t have time to search through the whole pantry.

20. Kid Friendly Mud Room – Organise your kids shoes, school bags and coats in this handy tutorial for a mud room makeover. It would be perfect in a garage – keeping all mess well out of the way, but accessible.

21. DIY Bike Rack – Sometimes we just don’t have enough room to store larger objects so this would be a great tutorial if you need to store your bike cheaply and safely.

22. DIY Nail Varnish Display Case – Don’t hide your cosmetics away, cluttered and messy…get them out on display and make them a feature. Nail varnish colours can really brighten up any room.

23. DIY Lipstick Holder – Cheap to make, this DIY alternative is just as good as a store-bought product but for less than half the price! Don’t spend fortunes on something you can easily achieve at home by yourself.

24. Hanging Make-Up Holder – You may have make-up hiding in the back of your drawer that you forgot you had…but that won’t happen with this storage solution! Everything will be laid out perfectly for you to see.

25. Ice Cube Tray Office Organizer – If your home office is getting a little cluttered then this clever idea will save you time and space.

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