Clever Uses For Old Candle Jars

Many of these uses could be used with candle jars that came with lids, but if you don’t have one then simply cover where necessary with plastic wrap or tin foil.

1. New candle from old candle pieces


2. Old candle ends into layered candles

Do It and How

3. Cleaned and refilled coffee bean candle jars

Ms. Taylor Elyse

4. DIY block candles

Sparkles in The Everyday

5. Re-jarred stripe candles

Sandpaper and Glue

6. Letter wax from old candles

Bob Vila

7. Seashell tea light candles

Yes Missy

8. DIY Easter egg candles

Happy Happy Nester

9. Re-moulded and re-wicked candles

The Gardening Cook

10. Grubby candles

Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night

11. Jar lanterns from old candles


12. Scented wax melts from old candles


13. Candle wax on stubborn wooden drawers


14. Acorn top tea light candles

Hew & Sew

15. Bottle cap candles

raftaholics Anonymous

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