Cool And Smart Wig Styling Tutorials

Check out these tutorials that will guide you through the process of curling, straightening, brushing, and teasing synthetic hair to make your favourite wigs do all kinds of fancy things.

1. High ponytail wig

Socksy Cosplay

2. Short, spiky wig styling

The Cosplay Blog

3. Synthetic wig crimping

Skarlet Starlet

4. Pearl wig from Steven Universe

Amino Apps

5. How to make a crochet braid wig

BGLH Marketplace

6. Elsa braid wig from Frozen

Dreamz Come Troo

7. Sombra wig from Overwatch

Kinpatsu Cosplay

8. Easy box braid wig

Beauty With NnesCorner

9. 18th century period piece wig

Demode Couture

10. Himiko Toga wig from My Hero Academia

Epic Cosplay Wigs

11. Elsa’s coronation hair from Frozen

Anna Stasia Cosplay

12. Proper brushing for curly synthetic wigs

Doki Doki Cosplay

13. Viola wig from Eternal Sonata

Antiquity Dreams

14. Sailor Moon wig

Arms, Armour, and Awesome

15. Jinx wig from League of Legends

Kinpatsu Cosplay

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