Cool Crafts To Make With Leaves

I love making crafts that use the beautiful colors of the Fall leaves. Reds, oranges, yellows, and even some last hints of green.

1. Pasted leaf puppy dog

Free but Fun.

2. Leaf and pipe cleaner butterfly

Obsession with Butterflies

3. Leaf and crayon sun catchers

Meaningful Mama

4. Leaf animals

Kids Play

5. Painted leaf prints

Saved by Love Creations

6. Rolled leaf roses


7. Leaf insects


8. Leaf hedgehogs

Crafty Morning

9. Leaf lantern

5 Orange Potatoes

10. Leaf turkeys

Baby Center

11. Leaf and paper plate wreath


12. Leaf place cards


13. Leaf and stone paper weights

Craft Ideas

14. Framed leaf wall art

Lowes Creative Ideas

15. Stamped leaf banner


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