Cool Crochet Hot Pads With Free Patterns

These free crochet patterns give you some options for creating your own handmade hot pads and trivets.

1. Morning glory hot pad

Annie Potter

2. Covered beer cap hot pad

Dawn L.E. Riden

3. Easter duckie hot pad

Dragon Fly Mom of 2.

4. Simple variegated hot pad

Cheryl Beckerich 

5. Geometrix mandala hot pad

Tatsiana Kupryianchyk

6. Hot pad mini mitts

Bekah Knits

7. Music note hot pad

Susan Bridget 

8. Mitered hot pads

Lori Utely 

9. Tequila sunrise hot pad

Robin Abudllah 

10. Sugar skull hot pad


11. Topical fish hot pad

Katie Roseman. 

12. Sheep’s butt hot pad

Shannon Paxton

13. Outlined rainbow flower hot pads

Jennifer Martin

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