Cool Dip Dying Projects

These cool Dip Dying Projects – many of which you can complete in less than 10 minutes will bring color and vivacity to anything you have lying about that could use a little zest.

1. Crayon wax dip dyed candles


2. Dip dyed fabric napkins

Dans Le Lakehouse

3. Dip dyed frosted tumblers

Gotta Love DIY

4. Dip dyed stationery and cards

Martha Stewart

5. Dip dyed yarn tassel wall hanging

Homey Oh My

6. Dip dyed succulent pot


7. Dip dyed tea towels

DIY Projects.

8. DIY dip dyed tote

 Kristin Eldridge

9. Dip dyed ribbons


10. Easy dip dyed tassel basket

We’re Going to Make It .

11. Dip dyed curtains

4 Men 1 Lady

12. Dip dyed air plant pots

 Almost Makes Perfect

13. Non-toxic dip dyed baby bibs

Lovely Indeed

14. Dip dyed wooden candle sticks

 Almost Makes Perfect

15. Dip dyed woven baskets

Paper n’ Stitch

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