Cool DIY Busy Boards

You can make it as big or small, colorful or not! It’s really up to your creativity.

Simple toddler activity board


DIY sensory board with lights


DIY Alphabet board


Geek’s busy board


Peek a boo DIY board

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Numbers and wheels board

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Latches and locks

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Round busy board

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Book busy board

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Crcle busy board

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DIY lock and latch busy easel

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DIY toddler Industrial activity board

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Sensory busy board

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Simple busy board for toddlers

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Recycled activity board

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Gray busy board with an interesting layout

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Toddler blue busy board

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Toddlers’ sensory board

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Yellow busy board

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Last minute board


Simple small busy board

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Cute and fun DIY sensory board


Upcycled car dashboard


Striped busy board

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Simple DIY zipper board


DIY travel busy board


Lock, HInge and Latches board


Easy to make pegboard toddler busy board


Peek a Boo sensory boar

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Large sensory board for several children


Busy board for a girl


Cheap homemade activity board


Chalkboard family photo sensory board


DIY montessori learning board


DIY sensory board for a baby


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