Cool DIY Chandelier Projects

In this article we’ll be looking at DIY Lighting Ideas you can do at home to make your own impressive Lamps and Chandeliers made from everyday objects like paper, recycled bottles, wood and plastic materials.

DIY Chic White Feather Chandelier


This feather chandelier really tops off the look and feel of this dining space. Learn how to do here

DIY Paint Stick Vintage Cage Chandelier


With some spray paint and paint sticks, you can turn an old brass and glass chandelier to a bird cage like chandelier that looks great in the mudroom. And it adds to a rustic feel to the space. See the detailed tutorial here

DIY Gorgeous Birdcage Chandelier from a Large Birdcage


Instead of paying $2300 for this Restoration Hardware birdcage chandelier, the blogger made one from a small chandelier for $25.00 and a large bird cage for her entry way. See how to do it here

DIY Industrial Modern Pendant Light


I love these industrial pendant lights, they can add a glamorous look to any space. You can also make one with a lamp kit, crossbar, wire, No. 8 machine screws, and flat washers (size m5) and 2 sheets of metal. And it’s very easy to do. See how to make one here

DIY Shabby Chic White Twig Chandelier


What an awesome white twig chandelier made from willow branches and grapevines. If you want to make a real statement chandelier which add to shabby chic look in your space. You can try this oversized twig chandelier. Head over to the tutorial here

DIY Dining Room bulbs Pendant Lights


Use bulbs lights and wood board to create this gorgeous dining room pendant light fixture. The lights really pop the whole space. Genius transformation and it’s much simple than you can imagine and inexpensive. See tutorial here

Antique Pendant Lights Made from Recycling Tea Cups and Tea Pots


Add unique and beautiful decorative accents to your home decor with recycling tea cups and tea pots. I am in love with this beautiful chandelier so much. See more ideas to decorate with tea cups and tea pots here

DIY Trendy Cardboard Chandelier


This chandelier is made out of cardboard, and is perfect to hang in rooms for a better space. With step by step photos and pdf cut out pattern, you can make one yourself. See the detailed tutorial here

DIY Colorful Ping Pong Ball Pendant Light


You can get the expensive look for a fraction of the cost with Ping Pong balls. Create your very own colorful chandelier to make a dramatic design statement that only looks like it cost a fortune! See how to here

DIY Openwork Cube Pendant Light


DIY geometric light made to look like an expensive Ralph Lauren light, this idea is very creative. See the step by step tutorial here

DIY “Bubble” Chandelier Made from Clear Christmas Ornaments on String


What an awesome space to decorate. I just love the bubble chandelier made from the clear Christmas balls that give this room a striking impression and fresh look. See more here

DIY Stylish Wind Turbine Pendant light


A good example of industrial light fixtures. This beautiful chandelier is made out of a wind turbine exhaust fan from Lowe’s. See the detailed tutorial here

DIY Breathtaking Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier


Can you imagine this fantastic Capiz shell chandelier was made out of paper? This chandelier is sure to be the crowning glory of any room! And it’s much easier to make than it looks. See the step by step tutorial here

DIY Ribbon Work Chandelier


How beautiful the ribbon work chandelier is! I like the whimsical and sweet looking! It makes such a bright and happy statement for a space. Find out how to make your own here

DIY Shabby Chic Crystal Chandelier


Check out this beautiful girly crystal chandelier tutorial to update your space and make it your own. See the tutorial here

DIY Crochet Seashell Pendant Lights


Do some crochet work to Ikea lights and make these crochet seashell pendant lights which look so cute and inviting. And the whole space is now soft and warm with them. See how to here

DIY Doily Pendant Light


Brighten up your space with this lovely doily pendant light. See the detailed tutorial here

DIY Ombre Neon Zip-tie Pendant Lamp


This colorful pendant lamp is made using mostly dollar store materials! And when the light is on, it throws amazing shadows! See more details here

DIY Crystal Ball Chandelier


Instead of buying a similar light at $275, you can take about an hour to make this DIY crystal chandelier and use it to make your space more beautiful. And the totally cost is just $60. See how to here

DIY Statement Cloth Chandelier


When you are living in a small bedroom, a statement chandelier works well and gives a striking and luxurious look. See how to do this gorgeous looking cloth chandelier here

DIY String Chandelier from a Bouncy Ball and Yarn


This is such a rustic, beautiful look for a chandelier. The best part is that it was made with inexpensive items that are easily available. Get the tutorial here

DIY Beaded chandelier Using Gold beads


Check out the quick how to based around a hanging plant holder and necklace beads from the dollar store! And you can spray paint the bead different colors for different spaces. This project was about $25.00. See the tutorial here

Turn Kitchen Utensils into Beautiful Chandelier


The light has great color and texture when the light is off. And when the light is on, it throws amazing shadows! See more creative ideas here

5 Minutes DIY Vintage Industrial Pendant Light


Use 5 minutes to make this vintage industrial pendant light. Here is another great example of how changing inexpensive materials into something that fits the style of a space can really bring the whole look together. See how to do here

DIY Wine Bottle Chandelier for Around $50


Don’t throw away empty wine bottles, because you can make beautiful wine bottle chandelier for your house. If you like this gorgeous looking chandelier, please get the tutorial here

DIY Romantic Shabby Chic Lace Chandelier


Lace is one of the most romantic elements in the world. It boosts the space when used in home decor and add to elegance and chic. This lace chandelier is cute for a little girl’s room and a shabby chic room space. See more instructions here

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