Cool DIY Choker Tutorials

Here, we have gathered really cool DIY choker necklace tutorials that you will surely love to try.

1. Basic 90s choker weaving pattern

Hello Whimsy

2. DIY macrame choker around a ribbon

Trinkets in Bloom

3. DIY drop crystal lace choker


4. DIY beaded lace choker

Love Maegan

5. DIY lace trim choker

DIY Mode

6. Bead and wire velvet spider choker

Anne A. Hollabaugh

7. Seed and tiered bead choker


8. Coloured DIY tattoo choker

Paige Noelle

9. Knotted leather and pearl choker

Michou Beads

10. Woven chain and tie choker

Lake Cabin

11. Braided suede and drop bead choker


12. DIY pearl beaded choker

Greta Culture

13. DIY spiked chokers

Yumi King

14. Dual chain and key charm choker

She’s Got The Notion

15. Embroidery wrapped and ring chokers

Cut Out and Keep.

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