Cool DIY Clothing Projects

1 Sweater Sleeved Denim Jacket. Sweater Sleeved Denim Jacket: A while back, I came across a $65 jacket on Urban Outfitters website. The jacket, made of a denim vest with sweater sleeves, is currently sold out. I added it to my to do list and kept a mental note to keep an eye for the perfect supplies. Last month, I found an Aeropostale denim Continue reading (via Wild Amor)


2 Sequin Maxi Wrap Skirt


Sequin Maxi Wrap Skirt: As the year draws to a close, for many of us thoughts are turning to what to wear to our New Years Eve celebrations. I’m such a sucker for dressing up, eating to excess and generally welcoming in the New Year with a sore head. What could be better than doing it all wearing something you made… (via a pair & a spair)

3 Embellished Denim Shirt


Embellished Denim Shirt: In case you weren’t able to join us last week at Madewell’s anniversary event, we’re giving you the breakdown on just one of the many ways we embellished our favorite chambray shirts that evening. So grab a handful of sparkle and let’s get gilding! (via Honestly WTF)

4 Leather Sleeve Shirt


Leather Sleeve Shirt (via The Forge)

5 Japanese OBI Panel Skirt


Japanese OBI Panel Skirt: People sometimes ask me about what inspires my DIYs, and I think most expect that I get ideas from the runway, street style, or designer collections, and naturally I find inspiration in all those places. But to be honest, more often than not I get ideas for projects from the materials I can get… (via a pair & a spair)

6 Tie Dye Denim


Tie Dye Denim: Whether it be shibori or with bleach, warm weather brings out our utmost desire for tie dying – especially when it comes to bleaching as working outdoors for this project is a necessity. Inspired by Isabel Marant’s tie dyed sweatshirts, shirts and jeans, we grabbed our favorite denim shirt and a (via Honestly WTF)

7 Basket Weaving Old T-Shirts


Basket Weaving Old T-Shirts (via Trash to Couture)

8 Dolce and Gabbana Inspired Lace Skirt


Dolce and Gabbana Inspired Lace Skirt: I recently made this super cute black and gold lace mini skirt inspired by the Dolce & Gabbana AW12 collection as the second piece in my holiday season wardrobe. So incredibly simple to make and, if you happen to be in the norther hemisphere, perfect worn with tights with a wool coat over the… (via a pair & a spare)

9 Red Valentino Bow on the Back T-Shirt


Red Valentino Bow on the Back T-Shirt: inspiration realisation realization diy fashion blog (via inspiration and realisation)

10 Chanel Drip Tshirt


Chanel Drip Tshirt (via The Londoner)

11 Spiked Bow Trench Coat


Spiked Bow Trench Coat: Spikes and bows Yup, I DIY’d another trench! If you’re a long time reader of s&p, you probably know that I studded a short trench jacket last spring 2011. This time around, I used screw on spikes (instead of studs with prongs), I used a real trench coat (which was super cute to begin with)Continue reading (via Wild Amor)

12 Zipper Tee


Zipper Tee (via Trash to Couture)

13 Distressed Chambray


Distressed Chambray (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

14 Galaxy Sweatshirts


Galaxy Sweatshirts: I love galaxy inspired prints and jackets but did not like the price tag($75 for leggings? I could just buy an entirely new wardrobe at a thrift store and still have enough money for lunch!) and thought it would be awesome to make an Instructable to make your own “galaxy” clothing article! This is a great gift for those who are on a tight budget this Christmas or for those who want to make their plain old black sweatshirt, t-shirts, jeans, whatevers into space-tacular stylish wear! It even glows in the dark and is great for parties under black lights hahaha If you have plain old boring black clothes laying around that you don’t wear anymore… UPCYCLE AND MAKE GALAXY SHIRTS. It’s an easy way to make a “one of a kind” wardrobe! If you can’t paint… IT’S OKAY! YOU CAN DO THIS! It’s super easy to do and takes maybe … (via Julianne fights Dragons!)

15 E-Shirts


E-Shirts (via talk2myShirt)

16 Designer Blazers


Designer Blazers: Customize your own Band of Outsiders blazer tomorrow. (via The Cut)

17 Dotted Menswear


Dotted Menswear (via Studs and Buttonholes)

18 Woven Sleeves


Woven Sleeves: Would you like to give a twist to your basic tee? Give it a different look without having to spend any money? Then look for your T-shirt and scissors and let’s weave! Materials: T-shirt (long slee… (via Plan B Anna Evers)

19 Painted Heart Jeans


Painted Heart Jeans: Full tutorial to DIY your own painted heart jeans for girls or women (via For the Love of…)

20 Spotted Cut-Out Shirts


Spotted Cut-Out Shirts (via Style Bubble)

21 Sneaky Smuggler Shirts


Sneaky Smuggler Shirts: (via

22 Solar-powered LED T-shirt


Solar-powered LED T-shirt: If you don’t like the idea of a trainer or somebody telling you to get out of the house to run some laps, maybe a less aggressive reminder… (via Ubergizmo)

23 High Low Skirt


High Low Skirt: We love the high low skirt trend. The breezy hemline makes this trend perfect for these hot summer months. You can see Elsie sporting this style here. We thought it would be fun to create our own high low skirt from an existing (thrifted) skirt; making this a project restyle. Here’s what we did: 1. Supplies: skirt, knee length or longer, scissors, sewing machine. 2. Begin by cutting a U… (via A Beautiful Mess)

24 Bead-Embellished Blouses


Bead-Embellished Blouses (via Make my lemonade)

25 Balenciaga Inspired Ruffle Skirt


Balenciaga Inspired Ruffle Skirt: One of my absolute favourite collections from the coming SS13 season was Balenciaga, I was so incredibly taken with the monotones, cropped silhouettes, exaggerated ruffles and dip hemmed skirts, not to mention the stacked gold rings (get thee to the hardware store!). Straight away I knew the… (via a pair & a spair)

26 Blanket Denim Jacket


Blanket Denim Jacket: While summer is well on its way, Ive always found that denim jackets are the perfect all year round staple. I often wear layers in the fall and winter, but in the spring and summer they’re ideal for those chilly nights. For this project, I took a little inspiration from the blanket print trend Continue reading (via Wild Amor)

27 Pearl Stud Collar


Pearl Stud Collar: Today’s DIY is a little different than usual, as I’m collaborating with Kiley and Caitlin. They are each styling their own pearl collar tops today on their blogs. This certainly isnt the first (or last) collar DIY that you’ll see, but I love this project because (if you ask me,) the pearl … (via The Stripe)

28 Leather and Studs Skirt


Leather and Studs Skirt: Have you been thinking about how to transform your classic skirt? How to give it a more current look? Here I show you a tutorial on how to make your basic office skirt to a garment with lots of cha… (via Plan B Anna Evers)

29 Mara Hoffman Inspired Miniskirt


Mara Hoffman Inspired Miniskirt: Ever since I posted a few weeks ago about Mexican blankets (sarape/zarape/serape) being a massive summer inspiration for me, my mind has been in overdrive working out what to make out of my own rug. I finally settled on a simple bodycon mini skirt with a side zip, something which will be perfect… (via a pair & a spair)

30 Stenciled Leather Jacket


Stenciled Leather Jacket: A few months ago, I was wandering around Williamsburg with my good friend Abby. We stopped by Buffalo Exchange and I scored a Club Monaco leather jacket (and she found practically new Banana Republic jeans!). I have yet to start using it, mainly because I felt like it could use that extra something. I decided Continue reading (via Wild Amor)

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