Cool DIY Decoupage Projects

You would not believe all the fun DIY possibilities that you’re able to create with decoupage.

1 Decoupage Family Photo Plaques

Decoupage Family Photo Plaques: Ive mentioned before that we moved back into this house in November. Ive also mentioned my empty walls and how much it drives my husband batty. He keeps hounding me to hang some pictures, but I refuse to hang those cheap frames with cheesy school pictures that my kids hate anyway. Ive had this idea Read More (via Crafts by Amanda)

2 Decoupaged and Dyed Clothespins


Decoupaged and Dyed Clothespins (via Madigan Made)

3 Decoupaged Outlet Covers


Decoupaged Outlet Covers: See how you can make your own designer switch plates! Transform boring switch plates and outlet covers into designer ones in this simple diy tutorial! (via A Piece of Rainbow)

4 Sheet Music Side Table


Sheet Music Side Table: Share Almost all of my small side tables that were in the shop have sold, so my shop owner asked me to make more. One problem its been, like, three degrees outside, so I have not been able to use my spray booth. (I have to open my basement doors for ventilation and really cold air and wet paint don’t play nice.) So, I had this yawn of a table that was my printer stand in my office its a small table and its already painted. So, I stared at it for a while and waited for some inspiration. I really like how my Mod Podge Table turned out, so I decided to try it again, but with a different look. I have (via Miss Mustard Seed)

5 Decoupaged Baby Hangers


Decoupaged Baby Hangers: I had the honor of hosting, along with a friend, a baby shower for a good friends daughter. We had the guest list and the menu but what to do at the shower eluded us. We wanted something to do other than opening gifts. A customer had been into the… (via Franklin Goose)

6 Striped Bangle Bracelets


Striped Bangle Bracelets: These chunky, cheerful bangles are so simple, you can wear them the day you make them. Use a basic decoupage process to add bright tissue-paper stripes to inexpensive wooden bracelets. (via Martha Stewart)

7 DIY Burlap Monogram


Decoupage Photo Key Chain: Ok…here is one of my second favorite actions…but you are going to want to kill me, because I can’t find the link to the silly things!!! I bought these from My Digital Muse (I think), and they are by Holly… (via My Crazy Life as a Farmers Wife)

8 Decoupage Photo Key Chain


Decoupage Fabric onto Shelves: Give those boring shelves a complete makeover with Mod Podge Hard Coat and fabric – this is an easy and budget friendly project! (via Mod Podge Rocks)

9 Decoupage Fabric onto Shelves


Decoupage Pendant Necklace: This decoupage pendant necklace is gorgeous and easy to make. The best part about learning to make your own pendant is that you can personalize it however you want! Learn how from Irene Helms. (via FaveCrafts)

10 Decoupage Pendant Necklace


Fabric Covered Wooden Spoons: Today we are kicking off the Handmade Gift Series with a fabric covered wooden spoon DIY project. Each week through the end of December, join us for wonderful DIY projects for everyone on your holiday list! (via Alice and Lois)

11 Fabric Covered Wooden Spoons


Fabric Covered Wooden Spoons: Today we are kicking off the Handmade Gift Series with a fabric covered wooden spoon DIY project. Each week through the end of December, join us for wonderful DIY projects for everyone on your holiday list! (via Alice and Lois)

12 Decoupage Jewelry Chest


Decoupage Jewelry Chest (via Simply Fresh Arts)

13 Candy-Wrapper Decoupage


Candy-Wrapper Decoupage: The day after Halloween you’ll probably have tons of candy left over; after you enjoy your treats, don’t discard the wrappers — you can use them in this great decoupage craft. (via Martha Stewart)

14 Book Page Decoupage Eggs


Book Page Decoupage Eggs (via SewforSoul)

15 Decoupage Clothes Hangers


Decoupage Clothes Hangers (via Craft and Creativity)

16 Decoupage Patchwork Stool


Decoupage Patchwork Stool: If you want to decorate a stool, try using paper and Mod Podge! This patchwork stool is easy to decoupage and looks great. (via Mod Podge Rocks)

17 Boxes covered with old book pages


Boxes covered with old book pages (via AJ’S Trash2Treasure Blog)

18 Decoupage Drinking Glass


Decoupage Drinking Glass: Spice up your drinking glasses and learn decoupage how to! When you’re done, you’ll have a unique glass that is waterproof and dishwasher safe! (via Eclectically Vintage)

19 Decorate Terra Cotta Pots


Decorate Terra Cotta Pots: DIY Terra Cotta Pots – Here we teach you how to diy gold leafing and diy decoupage, (via Wedding Chicks)

20 Upholster a Chair with Fabric


Upholster a Chair with Fabric: Come learn how to “upholster” a chair with fabric and mod podge for a BOLD look on a small budget! (via Designer Trapped)

21 Decoupaged Dresser


Decoupaged Dresser: Decoupage is artistic sleight of hand. What appears to be a painted design is actually paper, glued in place. What looks like lacquer is just a few coats of clear varnish. And what begins as an unremarkable piece of furniture becomes a bold, modern design statement, when adorned with leaves and vines. You might embellish an armoire with oversize tropical foliage or cover a plain dresser with Victorian botanical prints. Suddenly, that forgettable piece becomes the focus of the room.Early forms of decoupage were seen in 12th-century Asia, but the craft as we know it owes much to the exquisite Oriental lacquer work so widely admired in seventeenth-century Europe. Imports were in high demand, so artisans, particularly in Venice, mimicked them by cutting out prints and engravings, gluing them to furniture, then covering them with varnish. The technique was called lacca povera, or “poor man’s lacquer.”A similar process, using flowers and other sentimental motifs, was popularized in England, and by the nineteenth century, decorative images were made available for this purpose. (via Martha Stewart)

22 Decoupage Flowerpots


Decoupage Flowerpots (via A Shabby Moment in Time)

23 Easy Decoupage Flower Pot


Easy Decoupage Flower Pot (via Petite Planet)

24 Decoupaged Dresser


Decoupaged Dresser: I couldn’t really think of anything to give my son, Cooper, when he graduated from the University of North Carolina this past summer. I just remember thinking how proud my father would have been. … (via American Paint Company)

25 Decoupage with Napkins


Decoupage with Napkins (via La Receta de la Felicidad)

26 Fabric on Glass Plates


Fabric on Glass Plates (via Note Songs)

27 Mod Podge Family Monogram


Mod Podge Family Monogram: I receive dozens of questions on this post thanks to Pinterest! I encourage you to read through the comments to answer your questions! Do you ever see a project that you see that you get a little g… (via A Little Moore)

28 Little Treasure Box


Little Treasure Box (via The Feathered Nest)

29 Decoupage Puzzle


Decoupage Puzzle: Altered Jigsaw Puzzle – PAPER CRAFTS, SCRAPBOOKING & ATCs (ARTIST TRADING CARDS) – Thanks to audio-astrophysics and her puzzle-along, and craft ADD chick for sending me some puzzles, I’ve had a new addiction this past couple of we (via Craftster)

30 Decoupage Cabinet


Decoupage Cabinet (via Blake and Tigan)

31 Preserve Leaves with Decoupage


  Preserve Leaves with Decoupage (via Madigan Made)

32 Freedom Bird in Cage Mixed Media


 Freedom Bird in Cage Mixed Media: A fun tutorial anyone can do! (via A Creative Life)

33 Decoupage Drawer Knobs


Decoupage Drawer Knobs: Try these DIY decoupage projects from HGTV Magazine (via HGTV)

34 Decoupaged Boxes


Decoupaged Boxes: With their lids painted and papered with decorative prints, these wooden boxes recall the traditional craft of decoupage. (via Martha Stewart)

35 Patchwork Folding Screen


Patchwork Folding Screen: This fabric DIY folding screen was made amazing using Mod Podge. You can customized it to your own decor by picking the patterns of your choice. (via Mod Podge Rocks)

36 Decoupage Mirrors


Decoupage Mirrors (via This Big Oak Tree)

37 Patchwork Children Chair


Patchwork Children Chair: In typing that title up there, I have to tell you I accidentally typed D.U.I. first. Im not sure why I get D.I.Y. and D.U.I. mixed up, but if its of any explanation, the idea of how to fix up my girls little chairs came to me while driving. I was craft-intoxicated which, if you’ve… {Read the post} (via Kelle Hampton)

38 Cloth Decoupage Tray


Cloth Decoupage Tray: Transform affordable wooden plates with cotton in patriotic colors. (via Martha Stewart)

39 Beautiful Mess Notebook


Beautiful Mess Notebook (via Crafty Texas Girls)

40 Revamped Plastic Storage Drawers


Revamped Plastic Storage Drawers: DecoArt Blog Project – Revamped Plastic Storage Drawers – I don’t have a very pretty bathroom. In fact, this house was built in the early fifties and the decor in here was horrendous. You can see that the original Victorian wallpaper and contact paper are still inside the cabinets. Ive made some small changes, like painting the green cabinets white and adding some DIY decor to the walls. One thing I don’t have that most bathrooms have is a medicine cabinet. However, I have an entire wall of cabinets to make up for it. (via DecoArt)

41 Rock Paperweight Decoupage


Rock Paperweight Decoupage: Ideas for Father’s Day Crafts For Kids to make: easy to make and an excellent way to spend time with your dad. Happy Father’s Day (via Our Family World)

42 Upcycled Decoupage Chair


Upcycled Decoupage Chair (via Guidecentral)

43 Canvas Photo Prints


Canvas Photo Prints: I had a bunch of new projects with my recent Laundry Room makeover and thought I would share an easy one with you today that’s cheap and quick to make Mod Podge Canvas Photo Prints. I gathered my supplies: Photos printed on laser paper Mod Podge 810 inch canvas boards Paint brushes or foam brushes (via How to Nest for Less)

44 Photo Blocks


Photo Blocks: Okay, seriously, June has been absolute insanity around here. The parents came for a visit, we’ve been searching for a car, Jeremy’s been working a lot of extra hours, we’ve had l (via Somewhere in the Middle)

45 Decoupage Photo and Quote Cans


Decoupage Photo and Quote Cans: The experts at HGTV show you how to make use of empty cans by covering them with colorful images and favorite sayings. (via HGTV)

46 Towel Storage Made of Decoupaged Tin Cans


Towel Storage Made of Decoupaged Tin Cans: DIY bathroom organizing ideas that are made from tin cans. Create a beautiful towel storage and a toilet paper roll holder by using napkins and decoupage (via DIY Enthusiasts)

47 Ceiling Fan Decoupage


Ceiling Fan Decoupage: Hi Podgers! Lynette from Get Your Craft On came up with this wonderful ceiling fan idea, and I wanted to let her tell you about it in her own words. I really think its fabulous. So here she is: I can honestly say that, as far as I know, I came up with this idea…Read More (via Mod Podge Rocks)

48 Dress Form


Dress Form (via The Polka Dot Closet)

49 Decoupage Wine Bottles


Decoupage Wine Bottles (via Simply Belle)

50 Decoupage Map Tray


Decoupage Map Tray: Turn an antiqued map (or decorative paper) into a stylish tray with artist Ben Busko’s easy decoupage method. (via Martha Stewart)

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