Cool DIY Fashion Makeovers

Cool DIY projects for teenagers that make DIY clothing both doable, fun and inexpensive. Check out these cool DIY projects.

1. DIY lace shift dress

A Pair and A Spare DIY

2. Ruffled bottom party dress sewing pattern

Lula Louise

3. DIY long silk wrap dress

Tijana Arsenijevic

4. Party casual cross back dress


5. Homemade wrap dress with knotted belt

Simply Sewing Mag

6. Taylor Swift inspired black lace dress

Create, Enjoy

7. Off the shoulder frill dress

 A Pair and A Spare DIY

8. “Infinity dress” with built-in tube top

The DIY Mommy

9. DIY dress extension for a dress that’s too short


10. Paillette collar dress

A Pair and A Spare DIY

11.  DIY Baroque inspired dress

Style Slicker

12. Cage top party dress

Paixao Fortes

13. Wrap and sequin applique mini dress

A Pair and A Spare DIY

14. DIY chiffon dress with delicate cross straps

Huffington Post

15. Men’s shirts into pretty dresses


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