Cool DIY Graduation Card Tutorials

Wise Owl Graduation Card. Use die cut and punch to create this awesome wise owl graduation card. Apart from its cool outlook design, it has a pocket inside for a gift card or cash. The graduate must adore this special card.source



Make this well-refined graduation card from embossing folder with intricate swirl. Use black square cardstock and add a brad for the hat. Roll up paper for the diploma to finish off its stunning design for the graduate.source


Floral Design Graduation Card. Any graduate must be impressed by this elegant graduation card with leaves, velvet flowers, cardstock, stamp quotes, sparkle paper as well as black brads for beautiful décor.source


Crafted Graduation Card. This super chic graduation card features an argyle twine tied around the embossing folder. There are also red gemstones around the quote to enhance its beauty.source


Glittering Stars Graduation Card. This simple yet cool graduation card is made of black and silver glittering stars cutting from sparkle paper. All the best wishes contained in the glittering stars may light up the sky for the graduate.source


Graduation Cap Card. This classy graduation card features a graduation cap created from scraps. Tie the white ribbon bow for its beautiful décor. You can turn the easy and simple layout into a well-refined graduation card easily.source


Crafty Graduation Cap Card. Any graduates must appreciate the creative design in this card with its awesome layout for a gift. What makes it unique is its pocket for the cash at the bottom using scallop punch. The graduation cap matches the theme of the card perfectly.source


Folded Graduation Cap Card. This graduation cap card is so funny and perfect for its folding design to hold a gift card inside. Fold and flip cardstock, stamp messages on the gift card, tuck flaps, create a tassel and add button to the center to finish off its gorgeous design.source


Graduation Gown Card. This graduation card is so attractive with its graduation gown design. Use black, silver and white cardstocks to create the gown shape. Use satin ribbon and elastic cords for the tassel and ties on the scroll for garnishment.source


Butterfly Graduation Card. Graduates especially for girls must adore this beautiful butterfly embossing patterns in various colors to coordinates the school graduation theme. Share your proud feelings about the graduate with this exquisite graduation card.source


Graduation Handmade Card. Express your congratulations to the graduate with this card made of paper, cardstock, foam letters, chipboard. It bears a black ribbon bow in the front side. The graduation cap is the best way to reflect the theme clearly.source


Foam Letters Graduation Card. This graduation card features huge foam letters in bright colors to create a stunning visual effect. Create this gorgeous card with paper, cardstock, specialty paper, thread as well as foam letters to surprise the graduate with your best blessings.source


Cute Owl Graduation Card. Congratulate to the graduate’s achievement with this lovely graduation card. It features an adorable owl made of colorful cardstocks. The graduate must love the cardboard in colorful letters pattern too.source


Cap and Gown Graduation Card. This red cap and gown graduation card is so attractive with its gorgeous outlook as well as bright color. Use red and black cardstock to create the gown and cap shape. Create the tassel with some red cords. Roll up the paper and tie the red ribbon bow to make the diploma. The graduate must be crazy about this card.source


Lightbulb Graduation Card. Bring out the funny lightbulb print on simple bright yellow cardstocks. You can also add a bit of dimensional glitter glue to the edge of the light bulb to create the illumination effect. The graduate must indulge in such a fantastic card.source


App Store Graduation Card. Create this charming card by printing the template, slap a gift card on it and send it off to the graduate you care about. It’s super easy and the tech-savvy graduate must feel proud about it.source


Graduation Money Holder Card. This graduation card is designed for kids who love hard cold cash. Cut around the design and fold along the faint lines. Slip in some money as you like and you can secure the sides using adhesive material to your preference. Super easy, right?source


Graduation Spring Gift Card. These are just the cutest graduation cards I’ve ever seen. They are made up of cardstocks of various colors, stamp sets as well as scallop circle punch to express your proud feelings and good wishes about the graduate.source


Bookmark Graduation Card. It’s so fantastic to share this creative graduation card in a bookmark style. Simply prints the beautiful images of the graduate, the names graduate school and date for pleasant memory to treasure. Add some tassels for beautiful garnishment.source


Creative Stairs Graduation Card. The left part features a cap and gown like ordinary cards. As its name suggests, the right parts features 3D uplifted stairs to make the statement for its uniqueness.source


Swirl Pattern Graduation Card. Create this funny graduation card from heavy black cardstock to congratulate the graduate’s achievement. The numbers have been die cut from glittery foam cardstock. The basic part is in embossing folder with swirl pattern.source


Diploma and Cap Graduation Card. Put together all the cardstocks to create the cap shape. Use a foam tape to adhere together. Roll paper to create the diploma. Glue them on the shiny and sturdy cardstock. The graduate must enjoy the classy design of this graduation card.source


Elegant Graduation Card. Turn your graduation card into an elegant black and white style to match with the graduation theme for different stages. source


Wise Owl Graduation Card. This awesome graduation card features an adorable owl holding the diploma wearing a graduation cap on the square lattice embossing folder.source


Embossing Folder Graduation Card. Personalize an elegant graduation card for the graduate with embossing folder cardstock with elegant wreath and embroidery floss. Add the rolled paper diploma for more decorations to add up its charm.source

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