Cool DIY Holographic Projects

Here are 15 projects that will let you revel in the over-the-top shiny rainbow madness. Brace yourself: this roundup includes both Koosh balls and a seahorse unicorn!

1. DIY holographic laptop case


2. Holographic vase

A Beautiful Mess.

3. Holographic clock face

Studio DIY

4. Holographic glitter slime

Dream a Little Bigger‘s

5. Holographic phone case

DIY Jess

6. Holographic chair

Paper n’ Stitch

7. Holographic shatter nails

A Beautiful Mess

8. Holographic phone pocket

Smart n’ Snazzy

9. Holographic glitter makeup brush holder

Makeup Savvy!

10. Holographic enchanted mirror

 A Pumpkin and A Princess

11. Holographic pillows

Studio DIY

12. DIY holographic boots

 Brit + Co.

13. DIY holographic running shoes

Natasha Lee.

14. DIY holographic cuff bracelet

Smart n’ Snazzy

15. Holographic coasters

Love Vividly!

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