Cool DIY Mod Podge Crafts

From stained glass candle holder or DIY photo collage letters to photo face glass magnets or Mod Podge treasure box, Mod Podge finds itself in all sorts of creative projects.


DIY Photo Key Chains. source


DIY Pallet Photo Frames with Mod Podge Photo Transfer. source


Stained Glass Candle Holder. Use colored paper and mod podge to ecorate the small glasses and make them into candle holders. source


DIY Photo Collage Letters. A great way to add a unique, personal touch to your party decoration. source


Torn Paper Decoupage Frames. Decorate picture frames with torn paper and Mod Podge for colors of the rainbow, with different shapes. source


Photo Face Glass Magnets. Make glass marble magnets with your photos and Mod Podge. These make great gifts, and they can be whipped up quickly. source


DIY Wooden Photo Blocks. Adorable decor idea. Kids can stack them and build with them, or look at the pictures and play with them. source


DIY Photo Tile Coasters. Transfer your photos to the stone tiles and make them into coasters. A personal and inexpensive gift idea. source


DIY Mod Podge Jewelry Dish. Paint the geometric patterns inside of your dish with Mod Podge. A cute jewelry display idea. source


Mod Podged Cake Stand. Combine scrapbook paper with a basic cupcake stand to create this festive serving piece. Add some color and style to your Spring and Summer entertaining. source


Fun Mod Podge Clipboard for Lists or Photos. Paint the chipboards with Mod Podge for keeping lists, displaying photos or giving as gifts. source


Upcycle old wooden furniture using paper napkins and mod podge. source


Mod Podge on Terra Cotta with Fabric. Grab some pretty fabric and Mod Podge to cover a flower pot bought at a garden center. A cute last minute gift idea. source


Mod Podge Treasure Box. A fun and easy project to complete, which can also do the hard job of storing all your kids’ treasures. source


Mod Podge Shoes Project. Recover old shoes with mod podge and pictures. A fun way to customize wedding shoes. source


Mod Podge Side Table. Use Mod Podge to decoupage the sheet music to the table top and bottom shelf. It would be cute for a music room. source


Mod Podge Lamp. Use gift wrap paper and Mod Podge to decorate the lamp. So creative and inspiring. source


Easy Mod Podge Confetti Vase. Decorate the vase with various shapes of tissue paper and Mod Podge. Definitely going to try. source


DIY Japanese Washi Tea Tins. A clever way to decorate your old tea tins with Mod Podge. Fill them with lovely teas, cookies, sugars, or other small items. They would make unique and classy gifts. source


DIY Glitter Sunglasses. Add some sparkle to your everyday sunglasses with glitter and Mod Podge for summer time. source

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