Cool DIY Pearl Jewelry Ideas

Check out how to make a DIY pearl necklace that stands out, stunning earrings that look like they came from a department store, and more.

1. Pearl cluster necklace

My Girlish Whims.

2. DIY pearl collar

Popular DIY Crafts 

3. Ribbon woven pearl necklace

Creative Side of Me! 

4. Thick pearl bunches

Design Trends! 

5. Interspersed pearls and clear beads

Wedding Bee 

6. Triple strand pearl necklace


7. Pearl and metal necklace

Wild Amor 

8. Pearls and safety pins

Honestly WTF’s

9. Chanel inspired pearl necklace

Svetlana McDaniel

10. Vintage style pearl and bead bunch earrings

Delightfully DIY

11. Pearl drop pin earrings

Wedding Chicks

12. Happy colour tiny pearl earrings

Happy Go Lucky 

13. Double pearl earrings

Thanks, I Made It 

14. Pearl and spike earrings

Thanks, I Made It.

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