Cool DIY Tin Projects

While recycling is clearly the better alternative to just throwing the can away, you can also turn those empty tin cans into an awesome, simple DIY project!

1. Copper painted floral centrepieces


2. Painted cutlery caddy

 Madame Criativa

3. Tin can speakers


4. Tin can stacked cakes

Oh Happy Day

5. Tin can hotdog grill

The Nerdist

6. Fabric and tin can drums

A Beautiful Mess

7. Tin candle pedestals

Frugal Interior Design

8. Cut and painted tin can flower

 1655 Cris

9. Tin can desk lamp

 Those Northern Skies

10. Delicate tin roses


11. Lace and fabric decor cans

 Molly Mell

12. Colourful tin, cutlery, and bead wind chimes

 Happy Mrs C

13. Tin can wine rack

Brit + Co.

14. Layered ombre tin can chimes

Cheap Crafting

15. Can and branch ball toss game

See Jane Blog

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