Cool Embroidery Hoop DIY Projects

Here are some of my favorite fun, funky and functional things that can also be done with embroidery hoops– that don’t necessarily involve embroidery!

1. “Hello” bunting farmhouse wreath

My Life From Home

2. Fabric and button flowers hoop art

 Crafts Unleashed

3. Felt leaves and rope string hoop

Craft, Blog, Grow

4. Embroidery hoop craft supply pockets


5. Winter holiday woodland wreath

 Made in A Day

6. DIY faux succulent wreath


7. Embroidery hoop hanging planter

Think Crafts

8. Felt and button embroidery hoop kids’ Valentine’s Day art

Cute Kids Finds

9. Embellished t-shirt and embroidery hoop dreamcatchers

Small For Big!

10. Embroidery hoop stretched fabric wall art

Home Stories A to Z

11. Planted carrots felt and embroidery hoop art


12. Multi-hoop table art


13. Geometric painted hoop cork boards


14. Hanging lace hoops


15. Colourful felted ball hoop mobile

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