Cool Friendship Bracelets For Kids

From friendship to fashion, these bracelets use materials like Lego’s and Starburst wrappers to make a truly unique style statement. Have fun!

1. Beginner friendship bracelet designs with button closures

Red Ted Art that shows you how to create a very easy button clasp!

2. Pinwheel braided yarn bracelets

A Girl and A Glue Gun

3. Triple colour crossing diamond bracelet

Hey Wanderer

4. Easy braided button bracelets

Happy Hour Projects

5. Twisted bracelets with fun beads


6. Embroidery thread friendship bracelets with rhinestones

Honestly WTF

7. Thicker alternating knot bracelets

A Few Good Things

8. Chinese ladder style friendship bracelets

Design Dazzle

9. Six strand braided shoelace cuff

 iCreative Ideas 

10. Sunshine diamond style friendship bracelet

 Life of Carbon

11. Easy fishtail braided friendship bracelets

Creative Capital B

12. Colourful bead and quote friendship bracelets

Projects With Kids.

13. Wrapped bead bracelet tutorial

Easy Me World

14. Lego friendship bracelets

Family Maven

15. Woven yarn and sequin friendship bracelets

Handmade Charlotte

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