Cool And Fun Things To Make For Your Pets

We’ve found the best tutorials the internet has to offer, so you don’t have to! Take a look and see what you can make for your favorite furry friend!

DIY Dog Collar – Quick, cheap and easy! With this tutorial, everyone can have a go at making their pooches a unique collar.

How To Make A Squeaky Pet Toy – Re-purpose an old sock and create this fantastic squeaky toy to provide your pets with hours of entertainment!

Homemade Doggie Breath Freshener Treats – These tasty treats will ensure that your dog never has bad breath again!

How To Make A Cat Scratcher – Scratching is a necessary part of being a cat! With this simple DIY, you can make your own scratcher and keep your kitty’s claws clean and sharp.

How To Make An All-Natural Protective Paw Wax – Whip up a batch of this protective wax and keep your furry friend’s paws safe.

DIY Braided Leather Dog Leash – This homemade leash looks so fantastic that everyone will want to know where you got it from…little do they know, you made it yourself!

Personalized Painted Pet Bowls – With a few simple crafting supplies, you can create a unique food bowl for your pet unlike any other.

Make Your Own Dog Treats – Show your pooch just how much you love them with these yummy treats! They’re easy to make and you only need two ingredients.

How To Make A Catnip Mouse – Catnip is irresistible to cats so why not learn how to make this simple toy mouse and keep them amused for hours!

DIY Dog Boots – Don’t let your dogs suffer the cold, make them these brilliant boots and keep them snug all winter!

Make Your Own pH Balanced Dog Shampoo – Store bought shampoos can be expensive and some additives are often harmful for your dogs coat. Why not make your own?

Make A Cool Envelope Bed – Allow your pets to sleep in style!

Needle Felted Cat Toy – If you’ve never tried needle felting before, don’t be intimidated! This tutorial has detailed instructions and step-by-step photography to help you give it a go.

Up-cycled T-Shirt Dog Tug Toy – With a few old t-shirts and a spare hour out of your day, you too can make this fun tug toy!

Easy Dog Sweater – Keep your dog toasty warm with this fantastic sweater tutorial. Some knitting knowledge will come in handy for this one!

Transform A Pallet Into A Dog Bed – Make the perfect sleeping spot for your favorite four-legged friend!

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