Cool Things To Do With Old Newspapers

We all have old newspapers or magazines hanging around..why not put them to good use and make something new with them. There are tons of things you could make and we have collected a list of the best DIY’s.

Bypass the recycling bin and get crafting.

How To Make A Sailor Hat – Perhaps the most obvious Newspaper DIY paper hats are great fun for kids (and their free).

How To Make Paper Bags – These unusual paper bags are economical, cheap and great for giving small gifts in.

How To Make Magazine Coasters – All you need for this DIY is old magazines, scissors, a paper clip and some mod podge, couldn’t be simpler.

How To Make A Confetti Magazine Bowl – These would make great colourful bowls for when entertaining.

How To Make A Newspaper Bracelet – A cute little gift for a loved one or a great craft idea for the children on a cold Sunday afternoon.

How To Newspaper Print Your Nails – This inventive tip is very cool – and really simple to achieve.

How To Make A Table From ONLY Magazines – These tables are literally made out of just magazines – that is all. All you need it 10 minutes and 6 magazines….

How To Make A Newspaper Wedding Bouquet – This would make a perfect prop for a kids dressing up game, simple, cheap and completely recyclable.

How To Make Repurposed Placemats – A fantastic DIY tip, these would brighten up a dinner table brilliantly.

How To Make Newspaper Bow Ties – These could be decorations, part of dressing up or even used as inventive gift bows.

How To Make A Mini Magazine Notebook – Everyone finds themselves making endless lists of scraps of paper, why not make a stylish mini notepad for future doodles.

How To Make A Newspaper Basket – You can keep all sorts of bit and bobs in these, they would make brilliant storage for little craft accessories.

How To Make Newspaper Leaves – These Fall decorations are very cute and can easily be made with kids.

How To Make Paper Waste Bin – This funky bin would brighten up any home office.

How To Make Paper Butterfly Art – This requires a butterfly cutter, once you get your hands one this DIY only requires time and funky magazine cut outs.

How To Make A Newspaper Advent Star – This would look so pretty if hung in the window during the festive season.

How To Make Newspaper Wall Décor – Starting with a blank canvas this DIY looks like a brilliant as a focal point and could easily get confused with a piece of bespoke art….

How To Make A Paper Heart Origami Bookmark – This is such a neat idea, and would be a great skill to keep if you ever lost or were in need of a bookmark.

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