Cool Things To Make From Plastic Bottles

1. Plastic Bottle Scoop. Best gardening implements come from the odds and ends lying around the house. Tutorial at The Chilly Dog


2. Create Colorful Decorative Vases


Transform plastic water bottles into works of art. Tutorial at Petticoat Junktion

3. Hanging Herb Garden


Make hanging plant-pots out of plastic bottles and you´ll always have fresh herbs handy! Tutorial at Johannarundel

4. Bottle Light


Create this gorgeous pendant light with 12 plastic bottles.. Tutorial at Aunt Peaches

5. Sumo Wrestler Bowling Pins


Turn plastic bottles into smiling sumo wrestler bowling pins. Tutorial at Pink Stripey Socks

6. Recycled Owls


Sweet owl containers made from recycled plastic bottles. Tutorial at Pysselbolaget

7. Plastic Bottle Apples


Make a super cute apple treat or gift holder with recycled plastic bottles.

Tutorial at Creative Jewish Mom

8. Recycled Plastic Bottle Flowers


Let your garden bloom all year long with this kid-friendly flower craft.

Tutorial at Maker Mama

9. Party lights made out of recycled plastic bottles


Recycle plastic bottles into cool party lights. It isn’t very difficult and can be made in less than an hour. Tutorial at Easy Paper Crafts

10. Woven Recycled Bottle


Use a recycled bleach bottle to make a great woven basket.

Tutorial at Creative Jewish Mom

11. Make a Watering Can From a Plastic Milk Jug


The best part about this super easy hack is that you could customize each watering can so it is just what you need. From: Shelterness

12. Self-Watering Indoor Garden


Combine a 2-liter bottle with some smaller plastic water bottles and create yourself a mini indoor garden that waters itself. Tutorial at Urban Green Survival

13. Jewelry Stand


Use the bottom of soda bottles to create a tiered jewelry stand. Tutorial at Epbot

14. Cord Organization


Here is a way to reuse an old plastic soda bottle to help you organize cords.

Tutorial at Instructables

15. Make Your Own Sprinkler


A 2-liter plastic bottle can also be used to make a homemade sprinkler.

Tutorial at Clever Crafty Cookin’ Mama

16. Acorn Bird Feeder


Lovely creative, attractive and good for the adorable birds. Tutorial at Design Sponge

17. Recycled Soda Bottle Storage


I can see many possibilities for those hard to organize items like pencils, crochet hooks, paint brushes etc. Tutorial at Sew Many Ways

18. Plastic Bottle Cuff Bracelets


Your Kids will love making their own cuff bracelets from those plastic bottles.

Tutorial at Charisa Darling

19. Hanging Water Bottle Vases


Convert easily and inexpensively useless plastic bottles into beautiful hanging vases. Tutorial at Lets Upcycle

20. Plastic Bottle Hanging Garden


This is perfect for those smaller spaces where you really want to grow your own plants but just don’t have enough yard space. From: Rosenbaum

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