Cool Upcycled Furniture Ideas

Let’s take a look at some furniture pieces that have had NEW life given to them by amazing bloggers.

1. Dresser to TV console

Domestic Superhero

2. Geometric dresser drawers

DIY Network

3. Card catalogue credenza

Oakland Avenue

4. Crib to chalkboard top desk

A Little Learning for Two

5. Cork board to desktop

Thistlewood Farms 

6. Faux wood finish bedside table

Bird and Branch Redesign

7. Crib to bench

A Diamond in the Stuff

8. Floor mat ottoman

Upcycle That

9. Log and chair leg end tables

DIY Network

10. Coffee table to upholstered ottoman

Not So Newlywed McGees

11. Kitchen cabinet mudroom bench

DIY Network

12. Filing cabinet to end table or kitchen island

Upcycle That 

13. Reupholstered painted chairs

Sew and So

14. Paint and decoupage dresser

DIY Network

15. Painted upholstery

One Creative Couple

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