Cool Ways To Recycle Plastic Bottles

Whether you want to make your own ottoman, build a greenhouse or simply use the bottles as extra food storage, this list has got it all! They’re all cheap and easy to do, and you won’t have to spend a fortune either!

So what are you waiting for? Get crafty!

How To Make A Simple Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder – Our fine-feathered friends will love this feeder, and so will you! With a plastic bottle and two wooden spoons you can make it in no time!

How To Grow Carrots In A Bottle – Growing your own food doesn’t have to be an expensive activity! You don’t even need any outside space…in fact, all you need is an old plastic bottle!

Recycled Water Bottle Tote Bag – With this crafty water bottle tote bag you can shop till you drop!

Build Your Own Plastic Bottle Greenhouse – The ultimate way to recycle, this fantastic DIY will provide you with a weatherproof and frugal greenhouse which works just as well as any other!

How To Make Outdoor Candle Lights Using Plastic Bottles – Create a little ambiance in your garden and light up the night with this quick and easy craft, which will make any outdoor space stunning.

Plastic Bottle Zipper Container – Useful for keeping all sorts of little trinkets, this zipper container comes together in no time!

DIY Plastic Bottle Jewelry Stand – Get more out of your jewelry with these super easy plastic bottle stand and organize it properly! You’ll know exactly what you have and can display all the beautiful pieces you own.

Bottle Holder For Charging A Cell Phone – Don’t throw away those old lotion bottles just yet because once you’ve seen this nifty trick, you’ll want to make it!

Clever Storage For Your Plastic Bags – Make sure you re-use your plastic bags by keeping them in this handy holder!

Turn A Water Bottle Into A Humidifier – With no maintenance or cleaning required, this plastic bottle humidifier is easy to use.

DIY Plastic Bottle Ottoman – Transform your collection of plastic bottles into a comfy ottoman! It’ll be a nice addition to your furniture and nobody will be able to tell that you made it yourself!

Simple DIY Wasp Trap –  Keep those pesky wasps and bothersome bees at bay with this DIY trap! Why spend money on buying a new one when all you need to make one is a plastic bottle!

How To Make A Soda Bottle Broom & Milk Jug Dustpan – Upcycle some of your empty drinks bottles to make new cleaning tools for your home! Quick, easy and effective…what could be better than that!

Recycled Plastic Drain Declogger – This is a wonderful way to clean out hair and other gunk from your drains without having to call a plumber.

Make Your Own Sprinkler – This plastic bottle sprinkler is the perfect project for summer. Just hook it up to your garden hose and let the fun begin.

DIY Plastic Bottle Candy Stand – Display your sweet snacks in all their glory with this DIY candy stand! It’s easy to make and will look beautiful on any dessert table.

How To Separate An Egg Using A Bottle – This may be a simple trick but it will change your life…well, the way you separate your eggs at least!

Food Storage Solution – Using a plastic bag and the top of a bottle, you can keep your food fresher for longer. Find out how with this handy hint!

Make A Vase Out Of A Plastic Bottle – It may be made out of plastic, but this vase looks like delicate crystal!

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