CoolSewing Projects

So you want to start sewing? Whether it’s for a hobby, or you’re in desperate need for some cute clothes, we’ve got you covered.

In the beginning, it can be difficult to find anything in your range. You might be wondering how you’ll ever be able to complete the patterns you really want to do.

Have no fear! The tips to becoming a great seamstress, is to start off small. We’ve made a list of easy to follow patterns and projects you can start off with on your new journey!

Dishtowels – The great thing about dishtowels is even if you mess up the sewing, it’s a dishtowel. You use them to clean up messes and dry off dishes– so don’t sweat it!

St. Patty’s Pockets – Start off simple by making a little pocket on a shirt. This cute little pocket is great for St. Patrick’s day!

Pillowcase Skirt – The easiest way to start sewing is to alter something that is already pretty well made. This way you don’t have to focus too much on the more difficult parts.

Elephant Doorstop – If you’re going to start sewing, you might as well start cute! This adorable doorstop will be such a hit in the household.

Dishtowel Apron – These aprons are absolutely adorable! They work great for wiping your hands on while you work away.

Pet Bed Tutorial – Tired of the dog on your couch? No problem! Make a quick and easy pet bed for all your animals to enjoy.

Make Your Own Leggings – Ready to start wearing your projects? Get ready, because this tutorial is step-by-step and it looks so cute!

Baby Blanket – Whether you have a baby of your own, or you’re looking to make a gift, baby blankets are the way to go. They’re small, soft, and easy to work with.

Baby Bib – Not quite ready to take the dive into a baby blanket? No problem. Try out this super easy baby bib instead.

Cute Kimono – Kimono’s are up and coming again, so get started on making your own. They’re great to wear in all weather!

Cute Tote – Tired of worn out and ugly tote bags? We are too! Make your very own tote bags with patterns that match your style.

Fabric Flowers – Have some scraps from all your other great projects? Get started on these beautiful fabric flowers. They make great center pieces!

Hot Air Balloons – Flowers not really your thing? These cute hot air balloons make great decor as well!

Happy Cactus – What better project to start with, than a project that will help you sew! This cute pin cushion will cheer you on as you start your sewing journey.

Chapstick Cozy – Never lose your chapstick again! Keep it in a cute little pocket and attach it to your purse or jeans.

Dog Collar Bow Tie – Don’t leave your pets out when making beginner sewing projects.  This bowtie will be a hit at the dog park!

Scented Satchets – Keep your linens fresh with these cute scented pouches. They also work great under your pillow for a good night’s sleep!

Stuffed Snakes – Make a new best friend out of fleece for your kids. It’s fluffy and soft to the touch, and great for bedtime!

Place Mat – This sewing project is so easy you’ll make enough for your table, and your mom’s, all in one day! It’s great for holidays, or easy clean up.

Simple Stocking – Christmas is getting closer, so it’s time to get sewing! These cute stockings are really easy to make, and look great!

My Color Book – When it’s time for bedtime, or you need a bit of quiet, this is a great go-to. This fabric book uses up any scraps you may have, and uses lots of sensory stimuli.

Kid’s Cape – Be your child’s super hero, and make them their very own cape! Embellish it with their favorite colors and initials.

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