How To Cover Up Those Hard-To-Hide Household Eyesores

We all have things in our home that we need, but they aren’t pretty. Whether it’s hardware, technology, or just the plain old outlets in the wall, they can be unsightly.

While it’s easy to push a dresser in front of an ugly vent, it’s not always that simple. We’ve compiled a list of ways to hide the more difficult eyesores.

From dog creates, to printers, we have you covered. And the best part is, no matter how you hide them, they’ll still be accessible and usable!

Cord Holder – Hide those ugly cords with a piece of simply hardware. You’ll be amazed how quick and easy they disappear!

Litter Box Furniture – Why leave that stinky box in the middle of the room somewhere? Gross! Hide it in a cabinet instead.

Security Alarm Disguise – They’re not the worst eyesores in the house, but they aren’t attractive either. Make sure you keep your household wall mechanics hidden.

What Air Conditioner? – Do you see an air conditioner? Because we don’t! This great little garden box hides the air conditioner perfectly.

Grage Door Opener Disguise – Quite often, the garage opener is dirty and ugly. They don’t exactly come in designer colors either. Cover it up with a touch of beauty!

Revamped Dish Washer – Is your dishwasher plastic? No need to go out an buy a stainless steel dishwasher just for an aesthetically pleasing kitchen– just get some contact paper!

Gross Trash Be Gone! – This cute rustic wooden cabinet looks great in any part of the house. It’s the perfect way to hide an ugly trash can.

Hide The Ugly Side Of The Fridge – So you have this great fridge– but only from the front. One side touches the counter, but the other? Well it just kind of… sits there. Let it be blank no more!

Faux Log Stack – If you’ve got a fireplace you either: never run, or can’t run, it can look a little unsightly. Instead, fill it with a log stack– but by only usings few logs to fill it to the brim.

Hide The Remote – If you’re really picky about having a technology free home, the remote can be difficult to hide. While you could put it in the drawer, don’t be surprised if your spouse or kids just leave it out. Try this fun book cutout instead!

Mini Doors and Shoji Screens – Do you have any outlets in really strange places? Like halfway up the wall? Cover them with super cute mini doors!

Plastic Drawer Dress Up – If you’re desperate for space, but you don’t have a ton of extra money, a plastic drawer can be your best bet. Make sure it doesn’t stand out too much by giving it a bit of a makeover.

Mantle Disguise – If you don’t like that ugly cord hardware, here’s a different way to do it. This one takes a little bit more skill, but it is incredibly satisfying. Look! Not a single cord!

Appliance Garage – If you’re not one for appliances all over your kitchen, hide them instead! This simple appliance garage will hide your technology and keep them out of storage a the same time.

Hide The Television – Maybe you don’t want your large flat screen TV to be the center of attention in your house. It doesn’t take much to hide with a piece of great art!

Goodbye Plastic Bottles – We try really hard to make those store-bought bottles look good, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Try using glass instead for the perfect appearance.

Hide-Away Printer – Printers are ugly, no matter what. This is a great way to tuck it out of sight, but make it still useable!

Fabric Dog Crate – You need them, but they look awful. They’re clunky, rusted, and don’t smell very nice. Cover up the cage with stylish fabric instead.

Hidden Kitchen Appliances – Appliance garage not for you? Here’s how to hide your appliances in plain sight.

Drawer For The Dryer – Hair dryers, phones, tablets, and laptops don’t have a place on the counters. Install an outlet in the drawer to charge and use without clutter!

Hide That Router! – You’d think, by now, they’d have a designer version of routers– but they don’t. They do, however, have great ways to shield them from sight.

Laundry Basket Cabinet – Stop! Don’t put your laundry baskets on the floor ever again with these great basket drawers!

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