Creative DIY Lighting

If you like to upcycle, a multitude of household appliances, from cheese graters to washing machine drums, can be used to create eye-catching light fixtures.

If you prefer recycling, both cardboard and various wire can make awesome lights too. For the crafty, lighting accents can be fashioned out of everything from paper to yarn.

1. Hemp string pendant light


2. Recycled book lamp


3. Coffee filter snowball wall light

 Crafty Nest

4. DIY EL wire lights

Babble Dabble Do

5. Pretty paper candle luminaries


6. Plastic bag lamp


7. Origami string lights

The Teenage Digest

8. Canning jar lights

Michele’s Apples

9. Dollar store basket lamp

The Art of Doing Stuff

10. Cupcake liner fairy lights

Family Chic

11. Light-up pallet side table


12. PVC pipe cutout lights


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