Creative Key Holder Designs

Today after we were researching for lots and lots of wall hooks we decided to publish this awesome collection, where you can see 25 of the most creative wall hooks.

1 Antler Light Switch Key Holder

Antler Light Switch Key Holder: The antler light switch cover is great for anyone who likes hunting, the outdoors, or enjoys putting their keys somewhere they remembered. Hold your keys, your driving glasses, your walking cane, your… (via odditymall)

2 Funky Key Rack


Funky Key Rack: Took apart an unneeded BT Home Hub 3, as a nosy geek is wont to do. Was pleased to find that the RJ45 ports were mounted straight up from the board, instead of the usual 90° to stick out the back. Screw the whole board to the wall, jam both ends of an unstripped CAT5 into a RJ45 plug, crimp and you have a handy key rack  (via Shepy)

3 The Magnetic Man



4 Magnet Key Holder


Magnet Key Holder: Find More Key Chains Information about 4 Pcs/lot Hot Sale Magnet Strong Magnetic Horseshoe U Wall Mounted Hanging Key Holder Free Shipping,High Quality holder light, China magnet phone holder Suppliers, Cheap magnet strong from Alina’s Online Store on Aliexpress (via AliExpress)

5 Tongue Key Holder


Tongue Key Holder (via Meninos)

6 Amplifier Key Holder


Amplifier Key Holder: How many times have you come home from work, thrown your keys on the counter, only to never see them again. Chances are if you’re somewhat intelligent at all, this has never happened. But sometimes it… (via odditymall)

7 Octopus Hook


Octopus Hook: Industrial sculpted iron wall mount, with an octopus design. 6 long arms as hooks (Only 6? He must have lost 2 in a wicked shark fight), with pre-drilled holes for proper wall placement. UO Exclusive. CONTENT + CARE- Iron- Wipe clean- Imported SIZE- Width: 6″ – Depth: 1″ – Height: 2.5″ (via Urban Outfitters)

8 LEGO Key Hanger


LEGO Key Hanger (via Felix Grauer)

9 Magnetic Cloud Key Holder


Magnetic Cloud Key Holder: You’ll remember your keys every time you breeze by the door when they’re dangling from this little cloud like a drop of rain! Just fasten it to your wall with a pair of included screws, and this bright white billow will cling to your keyring with a magnet that’s concealed within its curves. Weather it’s the final detail of a dreamy decor, or it precipitates more tidy practices, this adorable key holder is sure to earn a storm of attention! (via ModCloth)

10 Honey I’m Home Key Holder


Honey I’m Home Key Holder (via Luz Cabrera and Malorie Pangilinan)

11 Mini Garage Key Holder


Mini Garage Key Holder (via

12 Home Sweet Home Key Holder


Home Sweet Home Key Holder:


13 RJ-45 Key Chain and Rack


RJ-45 Key Chain and Rack: This Instructable will show you how to make a cool colorful key chain and a rack for storing those key chains out of RJ-45 jacks and plugs. (via harari)

14 8-Bit Key Holder and Hanger


8-Bit Key Holder and Hanger (via Meninos)

15 KeySmart Key Organizer


KeySmart Key Organizer: If you’re like me or you’re a janitor you have 30 keys on your key-ring, and they constantly are stabbing you in the leg when you sit, lay, and roll around on the ground like a dog. Sure you could thr… (via odditymall)

16 Buckle Up Key Holder


Buckle Up Key Holder: Never lose your car keys again with the Buckle Up Key Holder, a wall mounted key clip produced from a genuine car seatbelt buckle. A great gift for car lovers. (via awesome key holder ideas 22.jpg)

17 Felt Home Key Holder


Felt Home Key Holder (via onelmon)

18 Cityscape Wall Mounted Key and Mail Holder


Cityscape Wall Mounted Key and Mail Holder (via 7 Gadgets)

19 Colored Shapes Key Holders


Colored Shapes Key Holders: You come home each day feeling like a zombie after staring at a dimly lit fuzzy monitor for 10 hours, before you take off your shoes and jacket and start communicating with your family, your mind migh… (via odditymall)

20 Crocodile Wall Pocket


Crocodile Wall Pocket: Our Cantankerous Crocodile Wall Pocket is fresh out of the sewer and fueled with revenge from being flushed down the toilet! That’s right… he’s found a way back into your home and this time he just really wants to help clean up your clutter! This striking fellow is ready to snack on your keys, accessories, neckties, money and more! Place him on doors and keep your most precious items in this gator’s vengeful clutches so that you don’t forget anything on your way out. This awesomely functional sculpture can be hung on walls with a hook. It can also be attached onto fridge doors and other magnetic surfaces. Measures approximately 3 inches wide x 5 inches tall x 4 inches in diameter. Material: ATBC-PVC, ABS. (via Perpetual Kid)

21 Home For Your Keys


Home For Your Keys: Fab is Everyday Design. People use Fab to discover everyday design products at great prices, to connect with the world’s most exciting designers, and to share their favorite design inspirations. (via

22 Key Thing


Key Thing (via Thomas Brinch-Møller & Jacob M. Lund)

23 Cucampre Key Holders


Cucampre Key Holders (via Cucampre)

24 Magic Key Rack


Magic Key Rack (via Brandon Knowlden)

25 Hookeychain Magnet


Hookeychain Magnet (via Fancy)

26 His and Her Key Holders


His and Her Key Holders: – His and Her Key Holders – Couple Human Key Holders (Set of 2) – Perfect House Warming Gift for Couples and Newlyweds – Key Hooks (via j-me original design)

27 Cool Tennis Ball Key Holder


Cool Tennis Ball Key Holder: Furniture, Unique Key Holder For Wall : Unique Key Holder For Wall With Cool Tennis Ball Design Ideas, ] (via Myriam Amelie Marais)

28 Wall Mounted Magnetic Key Holder And Organizer


Wall Mounted Magnetic Key Holder And Organizer: The Umbra Magnetter is a wall mounted organizer and key magnet that gives you a handy slot to throw your mail into,assuming you’re not already on your way to the garbage, and it’s also magnetic … (via odditymall)

29 UnPlug Key Ring


UnPlug Key Ring: This is from Bangkok-based QUALY Design who creates home decor products under the GO GREEN concept. The concept behind this small creative piece is as simple as (via infmetry)

30 Sparrow Key Holder


Sparrow Key Holder: Our clever Sparrow Key Ring is an awesome key ring and adorable wall-mountable birdhouse that will not only hold your keys safe in one spot, but will look super cute doing so! The colorful Sparrow Key Ring also makes finding your keys in your purse easy to find with its bold colors. The sparrow is also a whistle, for an emergency signal or to round up the family!Choose a blue, green or a yellow bird for your birdhouse! Get one for everyone in the family!Measures 3 inches tall x 2. (via Perpetual Kid)

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