Delicious Easter School Lunch Ideas

Impress your Easter dinner and brunch guests with these tasty and fun holiday-themed recipes.

1. Easter lunch with cheese chicks

Bento School Lunches

2. Easter carrot sandwiches

Meet The Dubiens

3.  Carrot sandwich and Easter salad with decorated hard boiled egg


4. Spring lamb bento lunch

Eclectic Lamb!

5. Bunny bum bento box

Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons made this fully bunny themed lunch from the eggs right down to the funny little sandwich.

6. Bunny sandwich and chick hardboiled egg with carrots

Lunch Box Awesome included both in their lunch by making a bunny rabbit shaped sandwich and a half hatched hardboiled egg that looks just like a little chick.

7. Lamb sandwich and egg chick

Super Healthy Kids

8. Easter bunny cutout sandwich and veggies

Made for School

9.  Baby chick sandwich

Cute Food for Kids

10. Easter egg flatbread pizza lunch

Raising Whasians

11. Easter egg hunt lunch

Mommy and Me Lunchbox

12. Edible Easter basket lunch

Bento School Lunches

13. Easter basket sandwich lunch


14. Bunny finger sandwich lunchbox

Veggie Bento

15.  Easter egg hummus toast

Fork and Beans

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