Delicious Holiday Coffee Recipes

You can make non-alcoholic drinks with a variety of added flavors and spices. Here are a few favorite recipes:

1. Salted caramel espresso with milk foam

Canterbury Coffee

2. Christmas peppermint coffee

Glam Latte

3. Peppermint frappe

 The Gunny Sack

4. Gingerbread latte

Canterbury Coffee

5. Irish Coffee

 Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen

6. Easy Mexican hot cocoa

Cross Country Café

7. Peppermint patty drink

Creative Cooking Corner

8. Gingerbread maple latte

Cross Country Café

9. Mint white hot chocolate

The Gracious Wife

10. Pumpkin spiced mocha latte

 Dessert for Two

11. S’mores hot chocolate

Minimalist Baker

12. Vanilla eggnog latte

 Cross Country Cafe

13. Candy cane latte

Bipartisan Café

14. After Eight coffee


15. Apple cider Chai latte

Cross Country Café!

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