Delicious Post-Valentine’s Candy Desserts

Whether your sweetie likes rich chocolate desserts, berry pies, or creme brulee, you’re sure to win hearts with a delicious Post-Valentine’s Day dessert.

1. Heart shaped sprinkles


2. Conversation hearts

Hungry Happenings

3. Lip shaped gummies

Oh Nuts 

4. Valentine’s M&Ms

Lil’ Luna

5. Pink wafer cookies

Party Pinching

6. Valentine’s M&Ms (again)

Taste of Home

7. Valentine’s sprinkles (again)

It’s Written on The Walls

8. Conversation hearts again

Party Pinching

9. Valentine’s gumdrops

Oh Nuts!

10. Valentine’s coloured icing

Glorious Treats

11. Heart shaped marshmallows

Party Pinching suggests flipping the hearts upside down on little kebab or lollipop sticks and decorating them to look like cute kitty cats instead

12. Heart shaped gummies

One Little Project.

13. Heart shaped pretzels


Simply Designing

14. Valentine’s wafers (again)

Family Fresh Meals.

15. Everything at once



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